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Kanye West introduced his new video featuring his lovely Kim on the Ellen show and it‘s one of the LAMEST we’ve ever seen. His live performances are so much more dynamic than this video which seems to be nothing more than a tribute to his fiancee’s pretty face. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just not what you hope for in a Kanye video. What’s your opinion?


  1. I watched and was embarrassed for both. There was absolutely no song there and Kimbo was digitally enhanced beyond recognition.

    Why are these people famous? Ryan Seacrest should be horse whipped for unleashing the Kartrashians on America.

  2. HE SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS! What a lame excuse for a “performer.”. My cats yowling sound better than this loser.

  3. Thanks for all the great Kardashian news. Hope JC enjoys their Tday gift and look forward to more and more news from this dynamic family (not).

  4. They have both ruined each other, and themselves. Good riddance. Kim wasn’t that thin coming out of the womb

  5. I thinl they are both arrogant,classless and untalaented- THEY BOTH NEED TO GO AWAY!!!!!

  6. I thinl they are both arrogant,classless and untalented- THEY BOTH NEED TO GO AWAY!!!!!

  7. He is doing it to himself. No one has ever accused Kim Kardashian having any talent for anything not even sex. Sex is just what got her mother more involved with her and thus PMK created a career for her and the family. Kanye West apparently was thought to have some talent when it came to producing but his number 1 selling album was due to the rewrites that Jay Z ordered more than anything else. He has been rather good at proclaiming his own genius and having some foolish people believe him but those people aren’t talking so loud any more. The above performance was horrid in every aspect and really shows how he writes the same way he talks and that is nonsensical. Kanye himself has admitted that people he respects have questioned this relationship and told him it would drag him down but he says he doesn’t care so let the dragging down continue. With any luck both of them will be laughed off the planet soon.

  8. I’ve enjoyed some of his music in the past and I do believe he has (had) talent but this one is a huge embarrassment. Pure crap. REALLY BAD. He should pull it and keep it strictly for his and his talentless HOs enjoyment.

  9. I agree with all of the above. She is a slag — whose only claim to fame is that she has an enormous ass … I mean ENORMOUS ass which she put out there being bonked… (Aaah! The price of fame.) His ‘ talent’ has always escaped me.. Certainly I don’t think we’re talking a class act with either one. Personally I think the world would be better off if they both fell down a sinkhole and were never again heard from.

  10. Is this what we expect from kanye , we understand he is in Love but leave that at home when working on your career what makes it worse even the song although i dont want to call it that is Crap ,its not even a love song and has no relevence on the stupid motorbike scene .
    And why does he keep going on about he is glad to have someone who is not after his money every interview is the same.
    We all Love the Kanye west music and what it represents but please stop this career suicide trip. … sucks

  11. There is not a lot too love…she is sloppy and is a disgrace to her race. Her entire family is the same.

  12. OMG this is just embarrassing… Did anyone notice Kims hair is blowing the wrong way? So evidently the motorcycle is going backwards… Good video my ass it was ridiculous.

  13. Maybe if they mounted a sidewalk kiddie horse outside a grocery store and performed this it would have been somewhat deserving of a we are low grade status in accurate parody entertainment..

  14. what a mess! what is all that “uh-huh honey”? It was awful. So if she is suppose to be naked she has no nipples? awful.

  15. The real fools are the ones who support her and buy the products she supposedly endorses.

  16. OMG…I know his mother is turning over in her grave behind his stupidity,

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