If you’re wondering whether Arnold Schwarzenegger can ever regain his career and respect from the public – take a look at Michael Douglas. Back in 1995, his wife Diandra walked in on Michael in bed with her best friend at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. She ran down to the lobby, followed by scantily attired Michael, and made a huge screaming scene, attracting a lot of attention from the tabloids. Michael declared himself a “sex addict” and sought treatment. Indeed, stories about him bedding leading ladies and extras in every movie he made were rampant. It took him awhile, but he survived the scandal, was forgiven, and continued making successful movies. Life goes on.


  1. It will pass. It usually does. When the news broke, ole Arnold was still going out to eat at the popular restaurants, seen driving around town, and eating with his kids……he was everywhere. He didn’t hold his head down or appear pitiful and sad in public. I believe he was secretly proud of being the stud to the different women. Yet, as soon as the details (who, when, where, how long…etc.) came to life, he went into hiding. Arnold will survive all of this just fine.

    I’ve read on different occasions that Karl Malden played for the home team. I’ve often wondered if he ever put the moves on Michael Douglas when he was on “The Streets of San Francisco” (early 70’s tv drama). Who knows, maybe it is just another Hollywood rumor. ??

  2. Michael never impregnated the help, as far as we know. But I agree, after a few years, people will forget. However he is an aging action hero, so how many years does he have left?

  3. Hey Denise, I wouldn’t trust either of them with the help, at a retirement center or even on a sheep farm. lol

  4. I think it depends on what else comes out about Arnold – allegedly there are more kids, and many more women, ready to come forward.

    The Michael Douglas scandal occurred back in 1995, when the 24hr internet news cycle didn’t exist and the spread of gossip was much more limited. Now, TMZ posts a blurb and within minutes it’s reported on websites and in newspapers all over the world.

    I do think Arnold’s best next move will be to admit himself to sex rehab somewhere, but I’m not sure his ego will allow him to admit any personal weakness whatsoever.

  5. Arnold was known for his body building image, and he had the physique that allowed him to become The Terminator, the winning formula and family connections to become The Governator. Who would have thought that having millions, being an inlawed/ member of America’s royal family and being married to an independent woman who was very outspoken about the empowerment of women was Not enough.Who would have thought that he would Not be satisfied until he became The Sperminator with the housekeeper who ended up cleaning up in more ways than one. By all indications, just seeing photos of his “clean up woman” only shows that there is No shame in her game, but the saddest truth is her son may have the benefits from being Arnold’s son,but in the long run, the betrayal of his parent’s behavior will leave him with a blot on his identity considering the long kept secret of his existence and Not being able to be recognized as a “true” sibling of the other Schwarzenegger children.
    For this young son to have been kept in the dark for all these years,may be a reason for him to end up in therapy to come to grips and acceptance of who he really is. Through it all, the mother continues to smile as if she has done herself proud,Not acknowledging that continuing to work in Maria’s household as an employee knowing that she had a child by Maria’s husband is still considered to be a sign of absolute betrayal in anybody else’s opinion!!

  6. My god already spinning the wheel for this guy and it hasn’t been 2 weeks. The pity pat party parade. Tiger woods story was on 6 months at least sexing chicks, leaving them and striping away endorsements. This guy did it in the house maybe everyday, in the bed, kit, living room and bathroom literally in front of his wife and two weeks later talking aww it’s ok arnie..
    So then his life style is like Charlie sheen but only Charlie was truthful about his life. He is a winner.

  7. Did I read somewhere that Arnold has some sort of hold on the Enquirer, financially? He’s trash, Michael Douglas is too, don’t try to play this off. A man who lies to his wife for 25 years and impregnates others is scum.

  8. In my opinion it would seem America is quite happy for high profile/political ‘male’ figures to engage in sexual escapades and still come out on top….

    Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton anyone!!

  9. I see we’ve ended up back in the land of the waving penis…..

  10. Palermo, the Washington Post revealed back in 2005 that the parent company of the Enquirer allegedly paid Gigi Goyette, a former child actress who started sleeping with Arnold when she was 16, $20000 to sign a confidentiality agreement.

    This agreement was made two days after Arnold announced his candidacy for governor.

    In exchange for the Enquirer killing the story, Arnold agreed to assume editorship of two of the parent company’s bodybuilding magazines.

    Very seamy situation. Details here:


  11. I don’t believe there IS anything such as a “sex addict”! That’s a stupid, made-up idea to get away with screwing anything that moves and blame it on your “disorder”. How STUPID. Yeah, and alcoholism is a “disease”. Give me a break!

    My dad was an alcohoic and only HE was responsible for his actions and lack of disapline and control over his desire for booze. I have NO pity for drunks or druggies. They are weak losers.

    And these people who screw around no matter who it will hurt, and then idiots like AHnold who don’t even bother to use protection are ever WORSE! That woman he made a kid with is so hideous! With all the lush, beautiful babes he could have had on a rotating basis, he chose THAT lumpy man-looking trogladyte??? At least Tiger’s bimbos looked mostly female, even IF they all had those disgusting fake tits!

  12. Uh, Reta, I don’t think it was her face that Arnold was interested in. Think lower.

  13. No go. We in Northern Cali always considered him amoral whore hopping Nazi scum nothing’s changed except now the rest of world agrees with us.

  14. A 63-year-old action hero? Sex rehab? None of that is going to happen.

  15. With Michael Douglas it wasn’t very big news – probably because people got this type of “news” from the tabloids, not internet gossip sites which report everything as soon as word gets out.

    Another big difference – Arnold cheated on his wife and had a kid, and then became governor of California. My guess he never told Maria was not only because he didn’t want to get caught, but he didn’t want it to affect his run for office.

  16. Reta Pita Pumpkin Eater,

    I thought your alcoholic dad was a HERO to you? Tsk, tsk. Unresolved issues.

  17. A sixty three action hero? Instead of his signature “I’ll be back”, it will be, “Oy, my back”.

  18. No. Here’s why:

    1. Douglas, while a cheating dog, did not father a child with the maid and keep quiet about it for a decade. SO tacky.
    2. Douglas has talent.
    3. Douglas’ then-wife was not a well-liked public figure from a legendary American family.
    4. Douglas didn’t screw up an entire state after having his behind-the-scenes millionaire backer pay to recall a duly elected governor.
    5. Nobody wants Arnold to come back.

  19. It does Not take long for News to become “old” News, but in this case, this story is going to run its full course. As an independent woman who speak about the empowerment of women, Maria wrote a book a few years ago. I believe the title was 10 things that I did Not know before I got married. In that little book, Maria said that when she married Arnold, he told her Not to depend on him to make her happy. She was stunned to hear these words from her New husband. In other words, he did Not want her to depend on him for her happiness (his words, not mine). After 25 years of marriage,here we are. By all indications,former Mr. Universe,former Mr. Body Builder had a life that did Not include Maria. By Now he can Not be thinking that Maria is going to be in forgiving mode considering the fact that his words rang true (not to depend on him for her happiness).

  20. Keeping this secret for so many years was definately Arnold’s best piece of acting work yet. I really don’t much care about his private life, or any other actors for that matter. If a movie looks good, then I go see it!!

  21. If a celebrity kills someone, then it seems the public sits up and takes notice and shuns him (like OJ or Robert Blake). But if the behavior is anything less, such as beating a spouse (OJ got away with that for years) or impregnanting the staff, or being a drug addict, or buying prostitutes, then all is well and forgiven and high profile careers continue. I’m not sure why we, as the public, give these people a pass on their behavior. Why do we support them with our hard-earned money by buying tickets to their events or buying their clothing lines, or perfume or whatever line of crap they’re selling. It’s down right sickening.

  22. I laughed myself silly at the South Park episode on sex addiction.
    In a controlled experiment scientists had a happy, socially healthy, contained chimpanzee troupe. Two scientists went into the environment of chimps and both dumped a bucket of money over a normal young male chimp. The young male instantly picked up wads of cash and started walking around the females with a big smile on his face. The females all began screaming uncontrollably and stuck their butts up in the air while the young male serviced them all one after another while holding on to his cash.
    The root cause of so called “sex addiction”. Money.

  23. This is not the same thing. While governor he used CHP to facilitate his whoring. That is illegal. Can you say Bill Clinton, Governor?

    And Douglas was Hollywood royalty. Arnold is not, he is just married to it. And I’m guessing his Kennedy wife is going to want revenge, and what better way than to destroy his career.

    Hasta la vista old man.

  24. Hey Leo, ….”The Sperminator “….

    TOO FUNNY!!!

    Lipp, “Oy, my back”.


  25. he’s tacky as hell but i think people are way too involved in his bs.

    and you do NOT have to be a good or even a likeable person in order to successful acting career!
    hell, you dont even have to have acting talent as this man has proven all these years!

    as soon as the arnold’s next hit makes boatloads of cash for his film’s producers, all will be forgiven and possibly forgotten.

    i enjoy gossiping but i think the public reaction to this personal matter is out of hand.

    this AINT front page news!

  26. correction below:

    you do NOT have to be a good or even a likeable person in order to HAVE a successful acting career!

  27. It is hard to comprehend the fact that a woman who is on the family payroll could have make out sessions with your husband,get pregnant, and have her son the same week that your son is born,and continue to work in your household like Nothing out of the ordinary has been going on right under the wife’s and children’s noses. It was totally disrespectful of Arnold to allow his playmate to continue working at his house among his wife and children. His ego must be larger than the continent of Europe to think that it was acceptable to allow this woman the keys to the castle under the guise of being the housekeeper. I’ve heard of being friendly with the help,but in the final analysis,the help really helped herself to job security,an Arnold “heir”, retirement, and her own little piece of paradise in a house that the realtor told the Next door Neighbor that Arnold paid for his housekeeper’s retirement. Arnold’s arrogance and ego does Not let him think that he has done such a bad thing, otherwise he could Not have played the role of employer, and still have a hands on relationship with the housekeeper and their son while keeping Maria and their children in the dark for all those years. He must have had his conscience taken out years ago to pull this off, and I am just saying!!

  28. lol @ lippp

    But 63 isn’t that old, I expect him to be back – I don’t think there has been anyone that comes close to Arnold in his movie genre.

    I look forward to his movies. Do I think he is a pig – absolutely, but he has been pandered too for a very long time, he thinks it is the norm.

  29. I totally agree with “Kammi” and “Seriously?”. These are two different scenarios (apples and oranges). MD did not father a child out of wedlock (that we know of) and hide it from his wife for 13 years. MD wasn’t a governor and did not bankrupt California. The 90’s were totally different compared to today’s society. Periodicals (gossip rags) versus Social Media (two different worlds). This story is only going to get worse and I think it is going to be dragged out a little longer due to the nature of his government position. As a Californian I am so glad that they are going to investigate to see if he used funds improperly. I hope he goes down like John Edwards. Arnold is a total douche bag. Karma baby Karma!

  30. Judgment Day is coming to the simple minded adulterer ‘good staunch catholic’.

  31. While this is probably Not the site to bring a reminder,but..
    About 3 years ago in Amstretten Austria, a 73 year old married man was arrested for locking his own daughter in the cellar of their house for 24 years. He had been molesting his own daughter from the age of 11. At 19 he locked her in the cellar and over time had six children with his own daughter, a seventh child who was a twin died, and he buried that child. His wife who lived upstairs with him helped to raise 3 of her grandchildren after her husband (Josef Fritzl) claimed that these children had been left on the doorstep with a Note indicating that their mother had abandoned them. The wife claimed that for all those years she did Not know that her daughter and grandchildren were living in that cellar. The truth of the daughter and grandchildren’s imprisonment in that cellar only game to light after this pervert carried his 14 year old daughter/grandaughter to the Emergency Room because she became seriously ill. There was a shock and horror that such a terrible thing could be going on in that household, and the wife and Neighbors knew Nothing. I mention this story because for Arnold’s housekeeper to continue working in Maria’s household is a testament to others who can Not believe that your spouse could be living a double life right under their Nose, and you Not have a clue until you find out when everybody else find out.
    The father of the tormented daughter and grandchildren is Now spending the rest of his life in prison. The 46 year old woman and children who had Not seen daylight because of their imprisonment and malnutrition (at last report)were being psychologically cared for.
    For clarification purposes: It is Not my intentions to compare 2 people of the same nationality as keeping women in their homes for sexual purposes while living with their wives. The troubling part is Neither Arnold Nor this married father seemed to care about having illicit relations with these women in the same proximity of their wives!!

  32. Some men just like to make love over and over and over again and some woman are not into doing that and if you have sex with your mate..Before you get married and they give you sex all the time…And you think your going to get sex like that after your married is a lie and some people let you have your way with them…Until they get you to say yes to being married and then simply after you get married they try to take it from a everyday and couple good shots aday down to 3 or 4 times aweek and that is really frustrating and Mis-Leading some one into a relationship that has to last forever. That is giving false hope and massive nights without sex.

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