An American Idol backstage source shared some gossip about contestant Casey Abrams. The 20 year old singer resists being cleaned up and dressed up for the show. He loves his beard and bushy hair, but hair people on the show have gradually trimmed and shortened his hair and beard against his will. Worst of all, he’s too busy to shower very often and can be not-so-pleasant to get close to, if you know what we mean. This is what we’ve heard from a good source, so don’t kill the messenger.

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  1. This kind of mean but…Is he the Uni-Bomber’s son? He really needs to polish his image up a little bit!! PRONTO

  2. Good one Muffin. He could also be mistaken for an off-duty Franciscan monk.

    How can anyone stand not to start their day with a refreshing shower? It’s as important as that first cup of coffee.

  3. They showed him getting his hair cut and trimming his beard a couple of weeks ago and he’s been looking a lot better on the show. As to any odor, I’m sure it’s drowned out by Ryan Seacrest’s perfume.

  4. Maybe there aren’t bathroom facilities under the bridge where he lives.

  5. Why am I not surprised he’s a slob? Doesn’t he just scream mentally unstable person?

  6. Yenta, you crack me up!

    I have a really sensitive sniffer and cannot tolerate really bad body odor. I can handle grandbaby dirty diapers, spit up, throw up but body odor (if it is really bad), will make me throw up (then there’s another bad smell lol).

    I enjoy his singing voice. Plus, I have major sympathy for him since he has an inflammatory disease which creates ulceration/inflammation in the colon. Major pain.

  7. His looks reminds me of actor Richard Masur. Masur played the boyfriend of the mother on the tv show “One Day at a Time”.

  8. Walt, you ar so right, been wondering who he looked like, and now I know. As for the so-called hygiene problem, I highly doubt it because of his health issue alone he’d have to stay clean as much s possible. You don’t mess around with that type of a medical issue which can actually kill you. Being dirty, not washing hands, etc could increase his likelihood of having an attack so I really doubt this “leak”s athenticity. Sounds more like a plant against him to spoil votes for him. Some people will stop at nothing to secure their own “pick’s” chances of getting to the top. Casey is a nice guy with a whole lot of talent and some horrible health issues already trying to bring him down. Don’t make thing worse for him be buying into this rediculous drivel.

  9. I don’t watch A.I…..far too fake and Randy Jackson is beyond repulsive. Buy that neanderthal man a bar of soap and vote him off. lol

  10. Janet’s ‘leak’ is pure rubbish. Reta is correct

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