Brooke Hogan is relieved that her family’s reality show Hogan Knows Best will continue for another season. She has one more chance to keep her family together. Friends say she knows her parents aren’t getting along and she admits the only time the too-tan too-blond family has fun together is when they’re doing the TV show. She figures her parents will put any kind of separation on hold while the show is taping and just maybe, they’ll reconsider. There was doubt about the series continuing because Brooke is now so busy with music appearances and Hulk is traveling a lot for his wrestling career. The Enquirer claims Hulk has already had a meeting with a divorce lawyer but nothing has changed yet.

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  1. Brooke Hogan looks like a tranny! Is this family related to Dog The Bounty hunter and his wife Beth? They look like ned neck trash!

  2. Hulk should send Brooke into the ring to wrestle for him. No one will notice the difference.

  3. They both should retire, and become consultants or travel a little to rekindle their marriage. To focus on what’s really important verse what’s not. Jobs come and go.
    Hey – this relationship is alot like Donald Trump first marriage, where his wife went to work in Atlantic City and he stayed in NYC.

  4. I hope they don’t divorce. They seem quite happy together.

  5. Brook Hogan is a very pretty, lovely young girl. She does NOT look like a tranny. Who are these vicious dark souled people that make these comments? They need to do some soul searching.

  6. Couples throw in the towel way to soon. They need to focus on how fortunate and blessed they’ve been. Whatever problems they’re having they’ll only have again with someone new. They should try to remember what brought them together in the first place. Forgive and grow together again.

  7. He should trade her in for one of those high flying midget biker chick wrestlers.

  8. After they moved to Miami you could tell that they were not the same!

  9. I agree that they don’t seem the same since the move to Miami

  10. I hope they stay together. They are a big, cute family and Brook can sing. Yes, The Hulkster looks tired, shouldn’t still be wrestling at his age!

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