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Howard Stern cleared the way for his pretty wife Beth Ostrosky to enter the David Letterman show. Stern is promoting his new 15 million dollar job as judge on America’s Got Talent. The entire show is relocating to New York, just for Howard! He and the other judges, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne, are leaving this month to travel across the country looking at performers and Stern’s already warned them to expect some changes. Howard might actually add some life to the show.


  1. I’m thinking Howard will do alright. I will miss Pierce though.

    I think Pierce always had a great eye for talent and 99% of time, I agreed with his decisions. I also appreciated his honesty as well.

  2. Stern got lucky with the beautiful Beth Ostrosky. Both seem to be happy with each other and she has a smart & fun personality.

    Stern is 58 so he is still a young man. He still has plenty of years (the Lord’s Will) to create mayhem and mischief.

  3. Mel, I thought he actually looked good in this photo. However, there have been a few lately (on other sites) that startled me because he is looking older. Time for some botox or plastic surgery.

  4. Love Howard!! Last night’s Letterman was beyond entertaining…LOL!

  5. What does he know about judging talent?
    Well he did expose Beyawnce’s singing for what it is …look it up.

  6. Is that a wig on his head!? Howards the man but father time catches up with everybody isn’t he about 65 or so?

  7. this is the man of the ever hairy anus & wet farts, folks!!

  8. I think Stern will do a good job on the show and I think he looks good in the picture.

  9. Is he related to “Lucky” Larry Silverstein, the man with the uncanny talent of taking out Terrorism insurance 6 month’s prior to 9/11 and having the only steel framed building in the world’s history to ever collapse from a waste basket fire?

  10. Beth “O” makes Coco ( Ice T’s ho) seem an accomplished woman!

  11. I always thought it strange that “America’s” Got Talent had no American judges! So now they will. I like Howard Stern and it should be a fun ride with him on board.

  12. I actually think Howard Stern is a mysogynistic bore. I may skip watching the show this year.

  13. If the self-chosenites are going to blast their way into Persia by Spring, tomorrow’s big game at the OIL stadium with the PATRIOTS on hand could make for some Larry Silverstein-style fireworks.

    And isn’t the self-styled 50-year-old virgin making an appearance, too? Uh-oh.

    Her tiresome crucifix schtick and the psychopaths’ known love of symbolism (almost as much as they love a nickel!) might just produce a halftime spectacle not soon to be forgotten.

    Horoscope says, remember to wear your red string, girl! 😀

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