Kanye West’s people called ahead to notify Barneys in Beverly Hills that he and his entourage were coming to shop and the store agreed to stay open late for him. Kanye led the pack from floor to floor and he picked out loads of mens and women’s clothes – shoes, handbags etc. He spent a lot of money and everyone seemed happy as they walked out with armfuls of Barneys shopping bags and boxes. But a few days later Kanye returned with a huge black TRASHBAG full of merchandise – he told a first floor clerk “I want to return these” and he tried to dump the bag on the counter. The horrified clerk told him “You have to return each item to the department where you bought it” and advised him to “Start on the 4th floor and work your way down.” Kanye did NOT look happy – next time we bet he’ll send an assistant to do the dirty work. Of course, the store wasn’t happy either – they stayed open late for Kanye and he returned a large quantity of his expensive purchases stuffed in a trashbag!

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