We’ve actually started to believe Tori Spelling’s claim that she got very little inheritance from her wealthy father Aaron. Otherwise, why would she embarrass herself with all these reality shows that exploit her family? And most of the dramatic family situations seem to be faked. Yes, we believe her husband Dean McDermott cheated, but we don’t think Tori ever considered dumping him. Paparazzi photos reveal the couple looking quite happy. (Above) Tori wants better reality show ratings and we have one suggestion: maybe Dean should have a fling with a transgender person – that would liven things up.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. so this won’t require any talents at all?

  2. Tori Spelling has a very serious spending problem. She has millions of dollars worth of home goods, clothes, and stuff in many, many storage units all over the Los Angeles area. Tori’s mother will not help her that much because she knows that Tori cannot spend her money wisely. Tori has a lot of issues she needs to work on. Dean too! But I think they can work it out…because they actually love each other IMO.

  3. Inherited from her father????? her mother is still alive! As is common, her father left it to her mother. Then, when her mother dies, she inherits from her mother. Get it now?

  4. @Rick:
    No, it’s normal to leave the bulk to the widow, but give something to the children.
    Aaron Spelling left nothing to his children & all to his widow.
    In most states, if you die without a will, the law specifies that 2/3rds goes to the widow & the remaining 1/3rd goes to the children.
    Even if he was like Warren Buffett & didn’t want to spoil his kids, he could’ve left each a couple of million bucks.
    Something seriously wrong there!

  5. It is my understanding that Tori and her brother Randy were both given $800,000 taxable dollars. I have yet to hear one word from Randy. Now that is class. Even though Tori grew up in The Spelling Manor, she continues to sell herself and her marriage very cheaply to the general public and it is truly sickening, and Nothing I care to take the time to watch. Enough Already!!
    With 4 young children, it seems that her world would center on these innocent young cubs who Need parents who are responsible parents, and Not show biz/show offs. Exploiting a marriage in such a public forum is a disgrace to these two misfits as a couple, and will be the topic of reruns as their children get older. As the son in the Spelling marriage, Randy continues to be the one born with class. PEACE!!

  6. She did get money from Aaron. He had trusts for both kids. As the other poster said, it’s her spending on junk that’s the problem. And she’s a fame ho who needs to have shows pick up her expenses for things like parties.

  7. Dean’s shirt says…Buy Me Brunch. Dean, Please buy your skeletal spouse brunch for several weeks please. BTW, a former nanny testified that Dean is the main one who takes care of the kids, taking them to day-care, fixing snacks, going to the park, out for ice cream, etc. and she has the pics to prove it. If Tori lays around on her scrawny ass and does very little, Dean is the one who is nuts not to give her a good talking to, or get the hell out and whore around to his heart’s content. That tain’t likely to happen tho. Boy, are these two weird, or what.

  8. They are made for each other. There has been more than one affair and for all we know, at least one WAS with a transgender. 🙂 Dean hasn’t done any real acting since their marriage — of course, that’s not counting their scripted reality shows. I have to admit that their last show was a train wreck that I could not stop watching — then realized that’s time I will never get back. Never again! 🙂

  9. Years ago I read that Candy would send the nanny ahead to the beach and set beautiful seashells out for Tori and her brother to find. What kind of message was that sending to those kids? Most kids were happy looking for their own and being proud of some chipped dirty piece of crap they found on their own.

  10. There will probably never be reruns of the Tori/Dean crap show.

  11. @Becca yes, that is exactly what I said, leave it to the widow.

    Aaron made the money, he can leave it to whoever he wants

    make the kids wait until their mother dies – they can support themselves in the meantime.

    So who is Candy leaving her money to? people other than her children?

  12. Dean looks like he’s been doing a little overtime with the knife and fork.

  13. Oy, I am soooo sick of this girl and her husband.

    I understand the need to make a living to support a family but she is a joke and any ‘network’ that airs her show is desperate for programming.

    She needs to stick to doing Lifetime movies and he needs to get a real job.

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