You – and Lisa Vanderpump – have not seen the last of her layabout poolboy Cedric Martinez. Since Cedric had that nasty blowout with Lisa and Ken, the people who supported him for a year, he’s found someone else to mooch off – Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian’s ex. The REAL reason fame-hungry Cedric was hostile with Lisa and Ken is because he did NOT get paid to appear on “The Real housewives of Beverly Hills.” He was so resentful that he threatened to sell stories about Lisa’s family to the tabloids as he made his maniacal departure. Since Brandi is negotiating to join the Housewives show, we may see more of Cedric, if they decide to pay him.


  1. I think Ace Ventura said it best when he said “Looooo – serrrrrrr’. Bottom feeders? Z- list? Who are these people and why is anyone talking about them? Reality shows have become the cockroaches of the television world. They just wont die…

  2. His story is so obviously copied from Don Draper. Really, a prostitute mother who left him on the streets at 7 years old? What a crock, if that were true he would be in a mental institution or prison. What a grifter!

  3. I guess that is how you know when you are fifthy rich……when one has a permanent guest in their guest house. OJ Simpson made it popular with Brian Jerard “Kato” Kaelin

  4. Eeew & yuck! A open shirt with a hairy chest? That is not attractive

  5. I watched this guy open up about his painful childhood.

    I called BS.

    I think the older married woman enjoyed having a younger man lounging half-naked around her pool.

    ps… he’s not all that

  6. Looks like Brandi is a glutton for punishment.
    It seems like she is trading bad for worst in the love department. Lisa and her family might be wealthy,but there is no doubt that they were poor judges of character for allowing this lazy bum to hang around their house as long as they did. In the end all that they made him welcomed to at their home,he ended being a total loser when they asked him to leave by going out of his way and insulting them. They were tired of him being at their home,and wanted to be able to spend more family time that did not include him, but yet they were worried about hurting his feelings.It is my understanding that when he left,they were crushed because of his verbal insults toward their family considering all that they had shared with him by treating him like a member of their family. I think that Brandi has gone from losing an unfaithful husband to taking up with a second rate gigolo.

  7. I think I would be mad if I wasn’t paid too…Cedric and Nick are eye candy and fun to watch on BH version of the show!

  8. Casonia Logenberry..Crazy and frustrating seeing Ben Starr leaving masterchef and poor baby started to crumble on the tomato soup and cheese sandwich and started to suck on the venison? Down Hill and too many bad days ahead! Frustration and breakdowns hap says:

    Some people are blood sucker and want money and if that happens then it happens and there is nothing we can do about it..But suck it up and take what comes in are Directions but what the heck the man does look good to some degree.

  9. Just pay the man or he is going to tell all the Dirty stuff out there and to go on t.v. he should get paid to be on the show as well or in the future if he has this much of a hard time getting his money …It is best to not show up while they are tapeing the show in the future.

  10. Some people are blood sucking leachs and will hang out with you until your down and out and to have a public life and some one be a part of your life is like having your secrets out there as well…Because you tend you share information with your mate that no one knows.

  11. She got style and grace and good taste, It looks like she can get anything she wants and she has the right amount of charm and beauty to get what she wants.

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