Amanda Bynes was spotted on 3rd street today and we feel awful for her parents. According to TMZ they have give up on her conservatorship and plan to move to Texas. Amanda is holding a huge grudge against her parents because of the conservatorship, and they hope to rebuild a relationship. Her conservatorship has been turned over to a mental health expert. It seems so hopeless – Amanda denies that she needs help and seems more delusional every day. With luck, she’ll be stopped from frittering away all her savings, but it doesn’t look good.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. She should have a sane PAID companion with her always, someone who will keep a close watch on her. It appears she is still very troubled, as evidenced by the scraggly extensions she keeps wearing. She may have an incurable mental disorder, a disorder that does not keep her locked up, but just enough that she is a danger to herself. This may be something inherit in the brain that meds and counselimg can’t help.

  2. I feel sorry for Amanda. I’m sure her parents have profited handily by putting Amanda to work at such a young age.

  3. Everyone needs to leave her alone: agents, paps, gossip columnists.

  4. why going there anyway?
    STARBUCKS is in every town…………..

  5. I agree that Amanda should be left alone as she is a very sick woman. I don’t know what the answer is for her but it seems cruel to keep her in the press and taking pictures at every chance. Pick on someone else.

  6. Oddball who will soon not have to worry about an allowance as the sharks called lawyers and doctors will drain what is left of her money dry!

    Perfect Obama voter who can blame everyone else for her problems.

  7. Don’t worry…many BLACKS will be glad to take her in…she has all the qualifications:

    – White
    – Small Brain
    – Blonde

  8. I don’t know what the answer is here, either. Clearly she needs help. It doesn’t seem like this is going to end well, and I agree the gossip websites need to stop following her around and taking pictures.

  9. Red sweatpants and pink sandals–with a Chanel bag?? She really IS crazy!

  10. The laws need to be changed. There is no reason on this earth for someone with her mental issues to be wandering around on her own. Her parents are too old to deal with this. I see people like her daily in San Francisco, you can’t force them into care even though they are clearly a danger to themselves (and others)

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