Since Hilary Swank rarely plays a pretty girl in her movies, many people assume she’s short-changed in the looks department. The “Conviction” star is very plausible playing “average” women – maybe that’s why her characters are so believable. But she’s not really all that “average” as you can see by these rare lingerie pin-ups of Hilary.

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  1. Hey, she’s still young, has never had a kid, and lighting, makeup and poses surely add to it. Not saying she isn’t pretty tho, she usually does steal the scene on the red carpet. She knows how to dress and has a great bod.

  2. She’s a phenomenal actress. Very thin so she can get away with those pics. However, I’ve never been endeared 2 her.

  3. These are very sexy photos of Hilary, Brava!

    Usually she has more of a girl next door quality about her.

    And yes, by “girl,” I mean horse, and by “next door,” I am referring to the paddock down the road.

  4. If THAT’S what you think of as a “horse” there’s going to be lines forming around the pasture to saddle her up and go for a long ride.

  5. And as usual, it’s all about the teeth and how the eye is drawn to it. Tis true and don’t say ‘neigh’.

  6. This is all down to lighting, the photographer and makeup artist, and post-production. These days they can make a gangly horse look sexy. Oh wait, they did!

  7. Juast get one pic without her mouth slightly open, which shows her entire set of teeth.

  8. Loved her in Secretariat.

    (And she outraced Sarah Jessica Parker to win the role!)

  9. With Rumer Willis finishing in the third spot and Tori Spelling bring up the rear.

  10. Lenny, haven’t you brought up Tori Spelling in the past? Please stop. I will now see her every time I close my eyes, for at least the next two hours. The horror…the horror.

    All the other female horse-faced celebs are just horse-faced. Spelling is a horse madeup by a band of whorey and retarded drag queens.

  11. Try Hard Hilary always pops up to show us how “beautiful” she is…you know, in her skin.

  12. WOW…”great” GOSSIP site….love the Jimmy Fallon does Neil Young…song good voice Jimmy, Hilary S. is gorgeous without clothes…and JANET the way too cute & colorful photo insert of YOU on telephone, “call me”… SHOULD BE A “T” shirt….I would wear it…. do it, sell it here for us….

  13. WOW….”GREAT” gossip webb site, Jimmy Fallon sings Neil Young real good…Hillary S. should take her clothes off more often…& Janet you should do a “T” shirt for all of us to buy from your gossip webb site… the way too cute opening shot of you on telephone….”call me” would be great, colorful, campy & oh so Hollywood….

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