Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria, 35, has never looked better – turning blonde definitely agrees with her. Certainly it helped lift her spirits after a recent miscarriage. Alex and Hilaria have four children under the age of six (Alex also has daughter, Ireland, with ex-wife Kim Basinger) and Alex, 61, is content with five kids, but he suspects his wife has other plans…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA
Above: Alec and Hilaria at the American Ballet Theater Spring Gala



  1. A very odd and calculating woman.She seems to be taking crazy Alec for a real ride.

  2. If true, her calculations certainly paid off: she didn’t chase him—he pursued her, literally, after spotting her across a crowded room.

    Give her credit for working well with what she had.

    We agree the blonde looks good, although she seems to have made other, more subtle changes to her look, as well. We just can’t figure out what they are! 😀

    As for the future, Alec’s old age won’t be boring.

  3. And, at the risk of derailing the conversation, we wonder what the blog thinks of the latest drama in (JCH favorite) Tori Spelling-Land?!

    We’re writing, of course, of the departure of the show-runner and several writers from the upcoming “BH90210”.

    The official reason cites obstruction from two of the actresses attached to the project—one of whom, some were quick to guess, had to be “bad-girl” Shannen Doherty.

    Nope. It’s Tori—backed by BFF and longtime cohort Jennie Garth. Their reputation for causing trouble has followed them from their short-lived, and litle-watched series on ABC Family several years ago.

    And who should be surprised by the current fracas? We knew there would be big problems ahead the minute it was announced that CBS had green-lit a “heightened reality” series, involving the actors who played characters on the original show.

    Considering that there is nothing enviable about Tori’s current, well-documented reality—she’s broke, largely unemployable, and has resorted to get-rich-quick schemes, and outright grifting to get by, all under the largesse of Mama Candy, who feeds and shelters Tori’s large family!!—we can only imagine the ideas the writers wanted to run with; all very watchable, but NOTHING that Tori would want depicted.

    Stay tuned! 😀

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