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Lindsay Lohan is not givng up on the idea of playing Marilyn Monroe in some sort of movie. She’s keeping her hair bleached platinum blonde, despite the resulting damage. When her Playboy layout didn’t get her any tempting offers, she did another glamorous Marilyn inspired shoot for a European magazine called Love.


  1. I’m guessing the real Marilyn Monroe, despite being dead for 50 years, looks more lifelike and more appealing than Lindsay Lohan does right now.

  2. LMAO @Seriously. That is a good one and you are 100% right. It makes me cringe to see this nitwit even try to imitate one of the world’s greatest beauties.

  3. Well, at least she is trying to stay relevant in a more positive way. Gotta give her credit for that.

    Up until last year, she was getting publicity by doing knuckleheaded stunts.. She’s learning, and I suppose it’s a step in the right direction.

  4. Not a fan, but she looks gorgeous. Still missing the very talented girl from Freaky Friday.

  5. this message was sponsored by “American Tabacco”, folks!!

  6. Capt I think you are right on this one. Advertising smoking in this day and age – YUCK.

    i’m over this has been. I’ve never thought of his as attractive inside or out – if she was then they wouldn’t photoshop, bleach, heavy make up her so much.

    This girl is a pitiful excuse. Surely hollywood is not short of deserving, talented and attractive actress/models that can turn up for work and perform.

    sick of this skanky had it all and a future and p***ed it all away’ desperate good for nothing troll.

    at the risk of offending tommy, give me the kardashians anyday – at least they have grabbed their opportunities with both hands, are professional enough to meet their business commitments, and I think the girls are attractive.

  7. Hey lindsay, don’t let the door slap your flabby a*se on the way out.

  8. Ditto everything that Bluejay said.

    I see this photo as being more Veronica Lake than Marilyn Monroe. And Veronica was a bit nutty, too.

  9. Posing/ fucking for coke money? In europe posing/ fucking for coke money. Why mm, bitch sit your coke, dick sucking, ass somewhere. Her, sister, and mother can make more money by allowing hollywood agents, producers circle jerking on them than actually being in a movie.

  10. They should forget it. No one can play Marilyn and that includes the mousy Michelle Williams, who just made a movie I forget the title. Week with Marilyn? or something like that. Michelle’s and Lindsey’s face looks nothing like Marilyn. Didn’t see the movie, only clips. I hate movies of someone’s life.

    And I am unanimous in my accurate take on this matter.

  11. Good photo. Her hair is so much prettier it’s natural reddish or auburn color.

  12. She has nothing in common with Marilyn. Well she will probably die like her…

  13. Stop paying this washed up Woman any attention and she will go away.

  14. Cal, I think your commentsare the most dead-on, but many of you are correct. I would be thrilled to death to never hear her name or see her face ever again in any format. Just go away…PLEASE! NOW!!! And don’t come back! And take your tacky, cheap, untalented family with you.

  15. She’ll be messed up until she reaches her 40s.
    No one helps the mentally ill so she’s most likely suffering every second of every day with horrible inner pain. Hugs to you, Lindsay! If I knew you I’d suggest staying out of the spotlight until you’ve found yourself xxoo

  16. Wow. That’s the most Photoshopped photo in existence. IRL she looks the same age as Madonna, except Madonna’s in her fifties and only looks her age because she made the choice to go with a leaner body (or, in the “choose between your face and your butt” stakes, she chose her butt). In fact, I’d buy the present-day Madonna as Marilyn Monroe long before I’d ever buy Lindsay Lohan as the same.

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