Britney Spears is sitting on a ten million dollar offer from Simon Cowell to join The X-Factor as a judge, and it looks like she will accept the deal, according to Her fiancee Jason Trawick has been negotiating the contract for her. When Nicole Scherzinger left her judge’s seat, she remarked that she didn’t realize what an emotional roller-coaster the job would be. How Britney will react to the drama will certainly be interesting – we think she’s being paid all that money because she will provide “the ditz factor.” No one can predict what she will say or do, and THAT might pull in the big audience Simon craves.


  1. There is something so wrong in the world that somebody can get 10 million for being a ditz while people who save lives etc. can only dream of that money

  2. I hear you Palermo, but in the crazy world of show business, she’s probably worth the money. She’s a much bigger name than Abdul and Scherzinger put together, and since she’s been coached all her life, she may be able to do what they couldn’t do.

  3. Palermo, I agree with you – it really is just crazy that athletes and entertainers get that sort of money.

    Having said that, I think $10M is to cheap for BS to appear on this show. Because of her presence, she will earn that back for the owners/producers 10 fold. In addition to a flat fee, I hope she also has an additional clause of getting a percentage, that is measurable against previous seasons, and a portion of the increased profit she will bring.

  4. Thanks for the open invite Walt xx

    Prehaps when I am next in the US (likely next year), I will take you up on that. Which state do you reside in?

  5. Brit, Brit will surely make the ratings soar, that no doubt. I just don’t think she is cut out for the job. She has in the past, been a bit of a loose canon, to say the least!

    Anyways, good on her! I just hope it works out for the best.

  6. It was hilarious when she asked if chicken of the sea was a fish. No wait, that was another blonde.

  7. Another no talent manufactured singer. I wish she’d just go away.

  8. Will there be unexpected crotch shots?
    Will she go batshit and shave her head?
    Will a mysterious fan jump on stage causing her to involuntarily wet herself?
    Oh the drama, pass the popcorn, please.

  9. By all indications BS has come a long way since the days of beating a car with an umbrella. In recent years she *appears to have learned to be more of a responsible adult. It could Not have been the easiest starting out in show biz at such a young age, Not knowing the pitfalls of becoming successful so soon.
    If Brittney accepts this gig, she will be on a musical show just like her childhood friend Christina Aquielera. All the best to Brittney!!

  10. Simon wants the Queen of lip-synching to judge people who sing live. Now that’s funny. Suddenly it’s clear why The Voice rules them all in ratings now.

  11. @Vogue. So true! Have you seen the clip of her ‘singing’ on You Tube with the backing track removed? Beyond terrible. But maybe she has ‘the X factor’ even if she can’t sing? Either way she’s as thick as a plank.

  12. Wonderful and Beautiful move this young lady is making and she can be a major help to the people who are trying out for this factor in life..She can be positive and a great role model!

  13. Britney turned the $10 million offer down and countered for $20 million if The X-Factor wants her. Should Simon accept, he’ll look desperate. If not, he’ll look like he can’t afford her. Either way, the minimally talented Britney has effortlessly demonstrated she owns him. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

  14. I heard that too Misty. Believe me, Cowell will pay it. She’ll bring in the audienceh he wants and needs to make this a success.

  15. She really has a horrible voice, but you hve to give her an “A” for staying power. In fact, she has to work to pay off K-Fed every month and to keep up two mansions.

  16. Britney is so heavily medicated I would think she will have trouble reading the teleprompter.

  17. I hope they have the seconds delay on her often potty mouth responses.. it will be fun to watch other than that and give her a chance to open up to her fans and doubters.

  18. Cant believe they want someone that can’t really sing live, to judge a singing show. Not going to watch if they hire her. The show will be a Bad Joke!!

  19. john delorean?

    this message was brough to you by PONTIAC, general motors!!

  20. Happy that she is doing something that will help the world…Positive and Beautiful and strong woman she is on her way back…She is truely amazing and should get every dime that is offered to her for sure.

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