Deep down, Heidi Klum knew it wasn’t a great idea to date her bodyguard Martin Kirsten. Now that they’ve split up, the many difficulties in their relationship become apparent. It started as a romance of convenience – Martin, 41, was great with her kids while Heidi, 40, was divorcing Seal and feeling lonely. But Martin was always Heidi’s EMPLOYEE and felt awkward in her celebrity world. How did he know if he was on or off-duty? Did Martin aspire to a better career? Heidi probably kept the romance going longer than she should have because her children really liked him. But Heidi and Martin are from two different worlds and had a lot going against them.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. What decent white man would want her, let alone sleep with her? Apparently not Martin, poor idiot….

  2. Heidi showed her true “colors” when she mingled with the BLACK Seal. Since that breakup she has had numerous communications from so many BLACKS who wanted their chance with her, too.

    Martin is smart to get out.

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  13. Heidi is a nut-case. She was always gushing about her perfect marriage to Seal. If you remember, she made a filthy video with his hands all over her. Next thing you know, she files for divorce, claiming he has beat and abused her for years. What man in his right mind would want her.

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  15. By DM Henry
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    hey Janet is this a Nazi website ? from too many posts recently it seems likely, please moderate, thanks
    Yes this site has gone downhill

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