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Looks like Paul McCartney’s ex Heather Mills is going Hollywood after all. Not only does she have a suntan, but the Dancing With The Stars contestant is also going to nightclubs like Parc. What’s next? Hanging out with Lindsay and Paris?

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  1. I thought she had a daughter? Did she leave her behind in England?

  2. Great photo… Hope you didn’t pay more than $2
    She looks like heck. Funny how attractive she looked with Paul when they were visiting St. Petersburg, Russia.
    I guess she’s gotten americanized.
    She is however an exception lady, with style just this photo doesn’t display it.
    The photographer should have asked to in a private session and have her looking classy, and not this deer in the headlights look.
    That guy must have been some illegal alien amateur.

  3. call immigration.
    send all these brits back to their island.
    just because they speak the same language as us doesn’t mean they are in this country legally.
    GET OUT.

  4. Heather has a daughter named Beatrice. After Heather is done with her dancing, she flys back to England to be with her daughter until she has to return for another dancing episode.

  5. Thank xenu they booted her from the show. The 15 minutes are up for this despicable gold digger.

  6. Id like to beat her over her fat head with her smelly fake leg

  7. Don’t like her.
    Never have.
    Never will.
    She’s a money grubbing whore, and not in the good way.

  8. The only positive thing I can say is that she is a good role model for those who have lost limbs…she did the dancing and did a good job at it. She has a good attitude towards her artifical limb. Even though I don’t like her, I have to admire her for that.

  9. What a nasty bunch you are! I am so tired of people attacking her and idolizing Paul McCartney. No one really knows what he’s like. And she does so much to help animals. Get off her back already!

  10. As long as you continue to give this mentally ill gold digger coverage, I will be posting the fact this chick has a BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER to make the public aware of this mental illness. Since BPD are functional people, they are very clever at hiding their disease. BPD pick their victims and she targeted Sir Paul way before they “met”. She acts nice to some, and to other’s nasty. She has tried to ruin his life and had the baby as a PAWN to insure she would get his millions. I feel sorry for their kid who will probably be the target of her evil when she blossoms into a woman and Heather has aged into the old Hag she really is now on the inside. Enjoy your fake (brief) fame now honey because your pretense of helping animals and one legged people is all a facade to hide the real YOU. Stray animals don’t want your help. Use your money for therapy.

  11. Heather’s a real headcase. “Beware the charming person” That doesn’t mean I worship Paul either. I feel for their daughter. Here’s hoping Stella and her kids are more normal for Beatrice.

  12. If that is her and it is a big if,,,she is a freakin haint!

  13. Wasn’t she precious and sincere!
    Did you buy that for a dollar, America?
    Leave the colonists alone Heather. Go back to Ireland or whatever.

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