To be honest, sweet little Heather Locklear is one of the last people we ever expected to land in rehab. But since her divorce from Richie Sambora her personal problems have escalated. According to the Enquirer, Heather didn’t deliver herself to rehab to treat her “depression and anxiety” – she actually needed help with her addictions to alcohol, cocaine, and sleeping pills. On June 19 she checked into the Sierra Tucson clinic for treatment, but like Amy Winehouse , she checked OUT way too soon – on July 4! Her publicist says she’s still in treatment somewhere – we hope it’s true.


  1. She’s been a pillhead for years. Common knowledge

  2. LOVE the Chanel Modern Chain Flap Tote. She may be a pill head but Heather has impeccible taste in purses.

  3. It is really amazing how C.P.S. Never bugged Heather Locklear and will mess with poor Britney spears and Heather and other stars can have major problems and not be bothered and Locklear and why did you only have one child and why is it you would not have more? Drugs got in the way and you waste so much time with Tommy Lee and took 7 years from him when he could had moved on and started a family and I am glad he left and has two sons and that is a no thanks to you and yes I like you as a actor and I hope that you get well and have a great life.

  4. Heather Locklear you can do anything you want and C.P.S. is not brave enough to mess with you and I Think really Rich people are left alone..Because C.P.S. would lose massive amount of money and You can do all this drugs and still get to raise your child in piece and yes if your really rich…You are never going to get a Knock on your door. That really pisses me off.

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