He’s 58 today and Eddie Murphy has established quite a life for himself. After his devastating divorce from Nicole in 2006 (they have five kids) he vowed never to get divorced again. Another model, Australian-born Paige Butcher, (above) has made Eddie a father for the ninth time with his 6th daughter. All of Eddie’s kids are cute (they have pretty mothers) and luckily, they all get along and spend holidays together. Paige and adorable little Izzy Murphy, almost 2, are living in Eddie’s Bel Air mansion, but apparently she’s smart enough not to hold her breath waiting for a ring.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. “All of Eddie’s kids are cute (they have pretty mothers)…”

    Ouch!–and lol!! 😀

    An apparently Eddie wasn’t kidding about his HATRED (and no, that’s not too strong a word here), for Mel B–aka “Scary” Spice.

    Eddie has maintained that he was TRICKED into fathering the daughter they have together; consequently he has never laid eyes on that little girl.

  2. Having nine cute kids with multiple pretty mothers is Janet’s takeaway here? And the last is “smart enough” not to expect a ring but obliged with yet another cute kid? Good god. Eddie’s only 58 … we can expect many more cute kids from many more mothers. Disgusting.

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