Who knew that Kim Kardashian could throw Halle Berry into such a jealous fury? Because of Kim, Halle and Gabriel Aubry are headed for a nasty court battle over custody of their daughter Nahla. It all started LONG after Halle hooked up with Olivier Martinez, and seemed quite content. She and Gabriel were sharing time with Nahla. Gabriel made the mistake of having a few dates with Kim K and when Halle found out, she FREAKED. She gave him an ultimatum to “choose between dating Kim and seeing Nahla” and threatened to keep him away from his daughter. He didn’t see Kim again, but when Aubry realized Halle was using their daughter as a means to control him, he started legal proceedings to clarify his custody rights. According to RadarOnline, Aubry has some nasty voicemails and emails from her that reveal how manipulative and controlling Halle is, just in case he needs them. This is shaping up to be a very revealing court battle.


  1. 2nd time this has been run so it probably came as an order to JC from Kardashian flaks.

    Halle is most likely trying to prevent Gab from getting a STD from Kim. Black Reggie was a back door man and Gab is said to be as well.

    Here is how you can contribute more $$$ to Kim:


  2. That hunk of man love is just so fine.

    I’d pull out a clean set of sateen sheets, weed-wack the nether garden, soft pink the lights and set the 8mm to run.

    Gabster makes momma’s mussy wetter than the Indian Ocean after a tsunami.

    Let’s Party, doll.

  3. She also released a public statement to the press today, saying “Gabriel put Nahla in immediate harm’s way by being inattentive while the child was in his care.” That was such a spiteful, mean and just plain LOW thing to do. Gabriel has never had an iota of scandal or even inappropriate behavior associated with his name (unlike her) and she goes and does that, what, to win public support I suppose? What a nasty b*tch. I am so instantly over this woman. Team Gabriel all the way.

  4. In Calif he has every right to half custody. Period. A parent is a parent unless abuse or neglect can be PROVEN. I’m so happy he is working for his daughter. In the late 50 my father had to struggle with the govt 5 years to get us back from foster homes and even had to go as far as remarrying before the state would give his 3 children to him. HE had done nothing wrong from the beginning but the state would not give him by himself 3 little kids. THANK GAWD things have changed! Go Gabriel!!!

  5. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I would bet that it won’t be in Ms Berry’s favor. Aubry may just have some very damaging information that will shock everyone. I think Halle will come to her senses and back off.

    Hopefully for Nahla’s sake, they can come together and stop this BS before it gets to far gone. After all, the little girl is the only person that will suffer the longterm effects of a bitter custody battle.

  6. Halle should be damned glad her daughter has a father who wants to be in her life. If she wanted an anonymous sperm donor she should have gone to a sperm bank. Unless this man is in some way actually dangerous to the child, he should be allowed fair access to her.

  7. When you co-habitate, things usually turn sour later. In the biatch’s case, she let it be known she more or less only wanted a sperm donor. She is totally crazy and I hope Gab wins a custody court case. Then I hope he takes lots of pics with him cuddling Kim and send it to her jealous bitching a**, with a note saying myob about who I date. Altho, I admit seeing him date the ultra-skank Kim would be pretty upsetting.

  8. Halle is an insecure, vindictive, contol freak. Gab has a clean rep as far as i’ve ever heard. She’s livid that Gab dared to date another attractive woman, so now she’s making him “pay”. She’s gonna make his life hell as long as she can. I hope he gets a great team of lawyers and keeps all proof of her out of control rages. Shame on her for accusing him of neglect (or whatever)just because she can. She is morally bankrupt and doesnt really love her child. Her narcissism is shining through loud and clear. May she fail at her hateful game.

  9. Mrs. Campbell you are in rare form. As to Halle, let me just defend her a little because I don’t know if she was jealous or not, but I must say that I would get angry as well because wherever the Kardashians go, a camera is sure to follow. I wouldn’t want my child exposed in any way to that family.

  10. Did I read somewhere that Kim claims she is in a hurry to have a kid, and that after Kourtney dropped Mason with the fat cheeks, that she really wants one too. So maybe she figures Gabriel has proven himself a willing stud. Maybe he could just hire himself out and the ladies could pay for play, and pay even more if they would sign a claim that he would have no part in the kid’s life, thus no muss, no fuss, no court dates. Kid-hungry ladies would get what they want, he would be richer, and everybody would live happily ever after. LOL

  11. Indy, I think quite a few woman would “JUMP” on that offer. haha

  12. I heard she had to pay him a salary when he followed her around on locations to watch her daughter. And when she didn’t meet his financial demands he decided to push for custody. His name isn’t on the birth certificate because it was ok with him as long as Halle was footing the bills but now that he is on his own he can’t support himself as just another old model.

  13. @Reta:
    The story of Gabriel and Halle evidently brought back some memories for you,it is a brave move on your part to share such a personal story.Even though this particular story has to do with people who have more fame, it does not minimize the importance of your story, and you probably have a better understanding of the issues involved more than most of us with our opinions.It sounds like your father was a very caring parent, and after all these years you seem to still hold fond memories of him.

  14. Diandra part of Halle’s PR team? Gabriel is one of the most successful male models in the world. It’s becoming clear that Halle used him, dumped him, and is now trying to steal his daughter.

  15. The public already has a Mel and Oksana–don’t need another one Halle.

  16. Word, to Bettye and cele, and two thumbs up, for Reta and her awesome father.

  17. kk is dating another athlete. her “relationship” with aubry lasted maybe 2 weeks?

  18. What other ads was Aubry in other than the versace ads with halle? He’s not to get anything but visitation rights. When men leave women with kids, it is fun and funny but if a women does the same, oh hell has to paid. Where does he have time, money, energy to really give time to her. He could stay in her life but really, Aubry?

  19. TMZ, which fastidiously fact checks before publishing anything, reported that Gabriel stopped seeing Kim right after Halle voiced her disapproval. Halle is just using Kim, along with unfounded claims that Gabriel is an unfit father, as an excuse to make him disappear.

  20. Hello, from Wikipedia:

    He has modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Valentino, Trussardi, Nautica, Exte, Joop, Massimo Dutti and Next. He is signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York City and Beatrice Model agency in Milan, Italy.

    He appeared in a Macy’s commercial in early 2008 as part of an exclusivity with Calvin Klein alongside Mariah Carey, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump and Carlos Santana. He was the only male model to ever appear on the cover of L’Uomo Vogue while appearing in four different designers’ campaigns at the same time, in the same magazine. As well as Aubry’s many achievements, the number-one source website for the top models in the fashion industry declared Aubry the 2nd “Male Model Icon of All-time.” Aubry is also frequently listed on People Magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful People’ List.

  21. I do Not mind being wrong, but I believe that
    Olivier is encouraging Halle’s behavior, I believe that as soon as their movie hits the screen,they are going to be yesterday’s news like Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan, and like Jennifer and Gerard Butler, end of movie, end of romance. When Olivier makes his exit, Halle is going to be all alone again. Olivier is a womanizer and Halle Berry is Not going to be the one to tame him. Gabriel may be able to hold on to his reputation, but as a mother fighting for her child while trying to deny the father assess to his daughter, Halle Berry’s golden charm is going to turn into a tarnished ornament. I am just saying!!

  22. Halle is a mean, crazy narcissist. She is not liked in Hollywood, and people in the L.A. area in general have not forgotten her horrendous hit and run accident and her ridiculous lies about it (she was unconscious, but drove home…unconscious). She should have done jail time for that, but celebs get away with everything here. I hope Gabriel and his lawyers put this nasty piece in her place. He seems nice & I’ve never heard anything bad about him…unlike her.

  23. IMO this story has been blown out of proportion.
    Reading between the lines it appears Aubry wants to see his child more often than Halle Berry’s film schedule will allow.

  24. Hello?????

    Aubry has been a Calvin Klein model for years.
    I’ve also seen his image in GAP ads.

    This is a man who is at the very top of his career, he earns 40 thousand dollars a day modeling.

    He is not after HB’s money.

  25. Fathers are entitled to be a part of their child’s life….50% worth. While I am only voicing my opinion here, it looks suspiciously like the mother wanting the father to disappear since he’s no longer useful to her, and that is just plain wrong. The daughter is the one who will suffer. Very sad.

  26. This is an example of buy a father…..Halle couldn’t relate obviously but kids should be brought up in a traditional 2 parent household with a father and mother.

  27. Casonia Logenberry..Kitchen Nightmare Client take advantage of Chef Gordon Good Deads and are full of Fraud and at times! I think he should just walk off and leave them to take care themselves,.Because they are taking advantage of his good deeds. says:

    Dear Halle! No need to control a man you nolonger have in your life and of course a child should never be used as a Pawn and as long as your Ex is paying his child support..He has every right in the world to see and visit his daughter each and every week like clock work and if you don’t allow that your in really big trouble? How breaking the law and not allowing him is simply removal of your daughter from you and the child lives with the father and if your not going to be his woman? It is selfish of you to control him and tell him! Who to date..You not his woman and it should not matter who he is with? Enore his private life and just look at mother and father and enore everything around it and lets face facts he needs and wants a relationship and wants some one to spend time with and make love to and if your not going to do it? Some one has to move on and live life and if your going to be by yourself and not have a relationship that is you and that is not his life and he is really cute and attractive and fine and wants to live life.

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