Halle Berry had a girl-to-girl talk with a female friend over lunch at Rue 57 in New York. To her credit, she appeared to be a good listener – many celebrities prefer to do ALL the talking – as she nibbled on french fries. Halle has a lot to discuss herself – she’s likely to be facing custody problems with her exboyfriend Gabriel Aubry over their daughter Nahla. He’s decided he wants equal time with their baby.

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  1. I’ve always looked upon this individual as a nut case with the morals of an alleycat.

  2. It may end up with Halle settling with Gabriel by giving him a very huge amoun$t to give up rights to the kid. He was and always has been a gigilo looking for money and he was nothing more than a sperm donor. It’s surprising they stayed together this long. She should have just gone to a sperm bank, because she surely knew that they would not be together for the long haul. H-Weirdo’s are just that….weird.

  3. I think she’s a stuck-up cold hearted snake.

  4. She hooks up with ball players, musicians, and younger pretty boys — and then bad mouths marriage. Maybe if she started making some realistic choices — rather than chasing after fantasies — she’s have something she could rely upon.

  5. He has every right to ask for and get equal visitation to the daughter, after all it IS his child too and he HAS been there for the little girl’s life up to this point.
    I don’t have any objections to Halle or her life. If she were a man the way she has lived her life would not be in dispute. I see double-standard’s are still alive and well in America when it comes to women’s rights.

  6. You know what’s really the biggest problem with this country is women talk amongst themselves and of course share feeling but more often than not their girlfriends verbally beat down the guy and gee, what’s a girl to do but listen to their friends.

    When the whole idea with marriage is to communicate with one another in a professional manner. (Nope, I’m not married and really don’t intend on ever getting married to women who are so anti-man in this country.) Thus, getting back to what women do so well in this country – talk bad amongst themselves about men. Trust me, I work with a whole bunch of ladies and that’s all I ever hear. Any gal that’s got a problem is always advised to dump her man.

    And I live in the Bible belt!

  7. One does have to wonder if some of these ladies who are giving out the advice – are they married or single and are they perhaps after a woman man ?

  8. She should welcome his participation in their child’s life.

    Despite being a beautiful woman, having money & being a celebrity, she acts likes she is always being victimized.

  9. …….it’s all about Vagina’s, folks!!

  10. There something wrong with her relationships with men. She a beautiful woman, but I can’t put my fingers on it.

  11. PRINMARE: Yes, that’s what she does, acts like she is always being victimized. She does it subtly, never coming out and saying.”Oh, I am the victim”, but she lets it come out in her conversation. I could detect that little ‘poor little old me’ when she was on Oprah a few months ago. She is a phony, and btw, she looks fugly in this pic.

  12. Women who wear short hair act like men.

    I work in a warehouse and it’s just surprising how some ladies make themselves look like perhaps their fathers – the butch hair cut, the bibb overals.

    Wonder what Halle Berry father looks like? If she could grow a beard she’d probably be wearing one. Anybody know if she often says “I can’t win” as in verbal fights – when she should be listening and observing and not talking…

    Look at old distingushed ladies, I’m talking powerful ladies who husband ruled Hollywood. Those ladies kept quiet and observed what all the actors were saying and she no doubt reported back to her husband with all their complaints and foolery.

  13. Jasper’s right. It’s all about the Benjamin’s. Although I agree that both parents are entitled to fair and equal visitation, the fact of the matter is that with very few exceptions it’s a sure bet that any time a lesser-earning partner wants either full or increased custody of the kid/s, it’s because THEY WANT MORE MONEY. And already the word is that the reason these two broke up was because Halle grew tired of being the primary breadwinner. Maybe she should have thought it through before they made a baby? After all, she *does* have a history of marrying/hooking up with philandering pretty boys only to be devastated when they fail to live up to her expectations.

    On the other hand, if Halle was an average-looking nobody, Aubry would have ‘hit it and quit it’ and she’d be struggling or God forbid, it would fall on the state to support that child. Outside of wealthy celebrities and the fortunate few, that’s just the way it is in the real world.

  14. All her ex’s said that it wasn’t that great. The last was in it for the money and fame. The others were after other women in a very short time. When she is not made up she looks like she should be chopping wood and washing windows.

  15. BBobby… I’ve heard the same thing re: Halle’s er, shall we say… “bedroom skills”. Her past lovers have always been caddish assholes who couldn’t wait to tell all.
    The same is true of Madonna’s lovers… male, female, rich, famous, poor or nobodies… wherever they fall they are inumerable. And they’ve all strongly-hinted that she SUCKS between the sheets… um, let me rephrase that; she doesn’t. hehehehe…

  16. Agreed, if you find pictures of her not made up you can see that she is way below average. This guy is getting away at the right time.

  17. Equal time my ass Grabriel should get full custody and this nutters monitored visits.

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