Halle Berry’s problems with men started early, when she recalls her father as a violent alcoholic who beat her mother. Jerome Berry left the family in Cleveland when Halle was four. Halle had half siblings from her father’s previous marriage, but eventually lost touch with them and Jerome’s other relatives. Halle refused to visit her father, a hospital porter, when he lay dying from Parkinson’s disease a few years ago. Now her half sister Renee Berry says that Halle has been totally estranged from the black side of her family for YEARS, in spite of their attempts to contact her. Odd, for a woman who considers herself and her baby black.



  1. The fact that she doesn’t have a relationship with her father’s relatives doesn’t mean she can’t recognize and honor her ethnicity. We don’t know what their relationship was like other than the pain she said he caused to her mother. And who knows why they were trying to contact her. Maybe they were looking for a handout. It does happen.

  2. Her blackness is evident in this picture….after her various affairs on the way to fame (think J Lo) she seems to want little to do w/ black men now. Most who deals with her says she is a mental case.

  3. We’ve already seen she is very difficult to get along with. The other thing is when you are rich and famous I’m sure people come crawling out of the woodwork to “claim” you and try and get some money.

  4. Race probably doesn’t have anything to do with it. Perhaps? Maybe those on her Father’s side just don’t get along with her and vice versa.

    I too think that the lovely Halle may very well have some personality issues (kinda needy/easily angered). If true, hope those traits are not passed along to the little daughter.

  5. halle is a joke but janet comes off as a racist in any post discussing black people, by law if you have more than 2% black in your dna makeup then you are black, clearly halle is black, end of story. her baby is black and wtf cares.

  6. Why should she have had anything to do with this man, regardless of his color? He beat her mother and then abandoned his family. She owes him nothing. While I’m sure the half-siblings are disappointed she doesn’t keep in touch with them, she owes them nothing, either. I’m not a huge Halle fan, but I don’t think this is a racial thing. She just doesn’t want any connection to her POS father.

  7. Every time she is on a talk show, esp. Oprah, all she does is describe how she was beaten and mistreated by family, boyfriends, husbands. She needs LOTS of sympathy, it seems that’s all she craves.

  8. I don’t think the problem is race, and Halle’s extended family ought to be glad she’s no longer in their lives. It’s pretty well established at this point that becoming involved with her in any type of meaningful way is asking for Trouble.

  9. Maybe the other side are a bunch of losers. Didn’t one of them sold a story to the Enquire for $50,000, years ago? I’am sure that’s gone and now they are selling her out again. Like none of the guys she dated wheren’t crazy already?

  10. Always did think she was a phoney. I can’t imagine a daughter not going to visit her dying father no matter what.
    Hope her little girl has a chance to grow up with some of her fathers ethics.

  11. Sharon

    This man was a stranger by his choice. Why should she go to his funeral? To pay her respects for what? For abandoniibg her? I don’t blame her for not attending his funeral. Maybe she know that side of her family and it has nothing to do with race but doesn;t keep in contact because they are strangers to her also.

  12. Enough alreday, I’m missing the racist in Janet’s story? But some of the posters are.
    That chicks a cunt.

  13. Her Dad was obviously an As—le, maybe his family are As—le’s too. Nobody knows but them. In any case, this is not very healthy for Halle. She has lost out on her father’s love, as well as his family’s. It is a hard enough life with 2 sets of families, let alone one. No wonder she has issues.

  14. She is such a hypocrite and phoney. I am so tired of this bore of a woman. Always in a drama, always cramming how “black” she is down everyone.’s throat. News for Halle. We could give a shit. She really turned me off when she gave that over the tipllop Oscar speech. Please. Thr way she was carrying in you would have thought she cured AIDS or cancer or something. It was totally self indulgent and over kill.

  15. she is still ashamed to be seen as a NIGGER’S KID, folks.
    ……that’s why this picture!!

  16. By what “law” is there supposedly a definition of race?

    And 2% doesn’t even make sense; it would be powers of 2 because a person is descended from 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, etc. so you could have 1/2 of some race or trait, or 1/4, or 3/4, or something that would match up with a certain number of parents/grandparents/great-grandparents. etc.

    And, just to state the obvious, I wouldn’t be ashamed of having any racial heritage of parent, but I would be embarrassed to be related to someone who beat their loved ones.

    That being said, maybe we see where Halle got her irresponsibility (killing people in car accidents and driving off etc.)

  17. I loved her acceptance speech, it brought tears flowing from my eyes. I think in her mother honor, she should call herself white, after all that is who gave birth to and raised her.

    We ALL come from mixed heritage, which you will find out if you go digging for you own ancestors.

    It’s time to come together as people first and above all else.

  18. It’s sad Halle didn’t make peace with her father, who didn’t beat her. The remainder of his family can go to hell; they’re all probably looking for handouts.

  19. Halle is really white but she can’t say that because all the black people would freak out and reject her. Same thing with Mariah Carey, there is NOTHING black about her either and she used to refer to herself as white until she got famous and went black to sell records. Why is it that you racists think if you are 2% black you’re black but if you’re 98% white you aren’t white? That makes no sense.

  20. She uses her blackness as a tool and like Morgan Freeman would never have won the award or gotten the part if she were white. Pick a token, any token! Like the Jacksons, and Tiger Woods, she hates that she is not white.

  21. dear silly racial nonsense, the reason I stated what I did on my previous post is because that was a law, and to my knowledge it was never changed. just like when blacks were first allowed to vote, a black mans vote was counted only as 1/3 of a vote, this country has done plenty to put down black people. and how come they never got their repparations like the native americans did, and even by calling them african americans its almost like saying they arent full americans, they are just americans but some people still want that division so they call them african americans when most of them have never even been to africa for hundreds of years. sheesh

  22. Give it up….they call themselves African Americans instead of Americans,,,,it is stupid and separates us.

    In your lifetime or your parents or grandparents lifetime there was never a 1/3 vote and neither black, white, red or greens should get reparations…the Indians are the tragic example of what handouts has done to a proud race of people.

  23. they call themselves african americans because a honkey asked jesse jackson the biggest sellout to state what he thinks blacks should be called, jj does not speak for the black race, why this became acceptable is beyond me and most blacks if you are really around blacks dont call themselves african americans they prefer to be called black (for now, this changes with the times)

    and at least those indians have the opportunity to thrive with profits from their casinos and pay day loans, the blacks have never been given such opportunities.

  24. Reparations have come to blacks in the form of racially based hiring, financial aid for college and other minority only endowments. What more do they want? Do they want to impale every white person they see? It’s been 200 years, let’s focus on NOW not then.

  25. Blacks all call THEMSELFS different things. For instance, my best friend, a female calls herself African American, while my boyfriend calls himself black. BOTH of them have a lot of white in them, and he has French, Native American Indian, as well as a couple others in him. We ALL DO! Anybody who thinks they are “pure” something or other just needs to do a little historical digging and you’ll find out real quick where you really came from. Don’t be so smug and superior about your so-called “blood”, we’re all going to bleed red when we’re cut and dying. And blacks have fought for America in every war since and including the Civil War. If they can die on our battlegrounds, maybe we can give them some modicum of respect today.

  26. Reta’s big black boyfriend? How “big” is he Reta?
    Sure , sure Reta.
    Nice civil rights speech.

  27. Patrick, why do you insist on making the comments you have been making about my “boyfriend”? I took a chance, to be sure, even mentioning that fact, but thought we, in general had reached a point when that was no longer scandelous or a reason for all the “white” menfolk to get all up in arms and go storming down mainstreet with pitchforks because some black guy had DARED to step over that invisible line and touch a white woman.

    I remember the black boy in the south, Tennessee I think, who was killed and his face literally torn apart by white because he whistled at a white woman. Ever heard of that case? Tillman was the kid’s name.

    This is STILL Black History Month. Perhaps you could use that as an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than ask rediculous questions about my mates measurements. I don’t judge a person that way you know, but by who they ARE, the person INSIDE. You might try giving that a go. You might find yourself being attracted to all kinds of interesting people out there in the world. Have fun! I do!

  28. Give it a break…this is why the personal rantings of posters are worth nothing….his name was not Tillman and it didnt happen in Tennessee. No one cares about Reta’s stupidity or her BLACK BF. This is about celebrities…not wanna be’s!

    The thread might have been about Halle’s mother’s encounter with a black man which led to a looney tune offspring who used her exotic looks to claim fame!

  29. Patrick, once I thought you were actually smart and a voice of reason, but your recent posts, and now going along with the vilest of vile in that creep strom, well, it really tells me something about your charactor. I feel sad for you because at least YOU are smart enough to KNOW better.

  30. strom: you were right, the boy I spoke about, who was 14 when he was murdered, was named Emmett Till. And it happened in Mississippi. Several guys kidnapped him after he wistled at a white woman. The beat the holy shit out of him and gouged an eye out. His face was unbelievibly deformed from the attack. After they were done and satisfied, they tied him up with barbed wire and something heavy and threw his mangled body in the Mississippi where it was found a few days later bloated and still tied with the barbed wire. This is one of the main causes that brought about the civil rights movement.

  31. Would it be an issue if her were white or her mother black. The fact of the matter is, she chooses not to have a relationship with that side of the family. Its her chose. Just like alot of us. My father chose to divorce the whole family, now 20 years later wants to have a relationship, now that there is no requirement to take care of me and my adult siblings. Its our chose, not to deal with a side of the family who didn’t want anything to do with us in a time of need. I’m sure Halle’s black side is financially motivated, why now? is the question.

  32. My previous post should have said ‘would it have been a problem if both her parents were the same ethnicity”

  33. JC, one thing ( choosing your racial identity) has nothing to do with the other ( not communicating with a part of your family you NEVER had contact with growing up)

  34. anonTWO: you are so right. I found out my “mother’ is still alive, but I not only wasn’t raised by her, but she gave birth to 5 children, 4 of which nearly lost their lives at her hands. She doesn’t have the RIGHT to know any of us now and deserves to die alone and unloved. let her feel what WE felt growing up.

  35. I never understood why they changed the concept of black to African American? If the person is from the Dominican Republic he is not African American he is black. It just complicated everything. Black or white, plain and simple is better. I don’t see any offense in the term black.

  36. Maybe they are leaches and maybe they just want what they can get or they are just blood sucking leaches..Who take advantage and always wanting something or they are just users but it has to be something that really turns her off about them but maybe they don’t have any class or maybe they steal or maybe they are doing drugs or maybe she has to watch or Bag when she visits or maybe they are asking her if they can stay at her house? We will never know..Unless this guys call up some of this Hot shot Producers and get paid for interview her black side of the family and get smart Black side of the family..If you need money call up 20/20 or something?

  37. Another one who HATES her color but loves to use the minority handle when it helps!

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