Her husband Olivier Martinez joined voluptuous Halle Berry for the LA premier of her CBS series “Extant.” In a futuristic society threatened by an alien species, Halle’s character returns from a trip to outer space inexplicably pregnant. A horrifying idea if there ever was one. In case you were wondering, the word “Extant” means, it’s defined as “determined to stay alive – surviving.” This looks like a big hit for the network and Halle – it debuts on July 9.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. What’s up with all the alien, witchcraft, vampire, earth ending scenarios of gloom & doom? Is Hollywood trying to say something? That’s all you see in movies & TV, garbage.

  2. He is such a sleaze. Looks like a cheap French pimp. That mustache is not flattering at all. Halle has such crappy taste in men.

  3. Halle Berry is a disgusting Woman that entraps Men into her filthy web of lies and deception. To have Children at her age is completely inadvisable. This Woman is so full of herself. Disgusting!

  4. Amy Lee, I totally agree with you.

    Is this old filthy ho pregnant again?

  5. The real question is whether Halle repaid the loan to her former white boyfriend for the new breasts she bought?

    Without a large amount of makeup she is a very plain looking bi racial woman.

  6. Strom most women look nasty without proper hair and makeup. But at least most people with some color don’t get that nasty white premature wrinkles. Although, it looks like Halle’s white genes are kicking in, girl is looking tore up and old looking for the last few years.

  7. Well, maybe I’m on a tear this week, but I’ve got another negative to post here.

    The movie sounds ridiculous. I won’t be watchin’.

  8. This proves that Strom has absolutely no friends, and no one to have a conversation with, most of the above posters are strom. Thats really sad. what crap swirls around in your head.

  9. Poor Angelo,,,while many try to be Strom, no one can make the grade.

    Of course, as usual, you are more fixated on Strom than the thread. Surely you can try hard and make a sensible comment on Halle? Well maybe that is over your head, too.

  10. You can bet Halle and the French madman are faking at looking happy. It’s just a matter of a few more months before they can fake no more.

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