Gwyneth Paltrow is taking a lot of heat for releasing a cookbook next spring called ‘”My Father’s Daughter.” It’s her family’s favorite recipes for things like corn chowder, dumplings and pizza. As if SHE would ever consume such delectables! Gwyneth has spent most of her adult life addicted to exercise and AVOIDING food- she’s usually on a macrobiotic diet. Suddenly she wants us to believe she is a gourmet who loves to eat! Ever since she appeared on that PBS show where she traveled to Spain with chef Mario Batali to sample the cuisine (she was very fussy,) she aspires to become a young Martha Stewart. Skinny actress/models are NOT the people you turn to for cooking expertise. Imagine Tori Spelling coming out with a cook book!


  1. Gwynnie is quite the hypocrite. I watched the PBS show with her and Mario Batali trekking through Spain and she did pig out. She’s quite the contradiction isn’t she?

    I will give her this: she has great legs.

  2. Gwyneth RE Madonna is the proof one can, in fact, catch Crazy.

  3. this woman is one of the biggests LOSES hollywood has ever seen.

  4. oh, she eats…she just doesn’t keep it down…I thought everyone knew that!

  5. She’s too damn prissy to bulimic. I can’t see her kneeling in front of a toilet she probably thinks that’s beneath her. I just think homegirl doesn’t eat.

  6. I like her for one thing and that she kick Madonna to the curb as a friend. Other than that, is she still married? She reminds me a better version of Tori Spelling.

  7. Gwyneth’s appeal, like that of Mia Farrow, was based on the freshness of her youth. Her Best Before date has long passed.

  8. Lenny, yes, one good thing about Gwyneth: She is a better version of Tori Spelling.

    One bad thing: She is a better version of Tori Spelling.

    Considering her parentage, shouldn’t we expect more of her?

  9. nah…she isn’t bulimic. that would be too much for her.

  10. Sally..yeah she does have great legs. I have read her marriage is on shaky ground, because Chris is always on the road. If she had married Brad Pitt, (which almost happened), I think she would have gone after Angelina and fought her tooth and nail for the oh-so-great suave loverboy.

  11. This pretentious bore needs to shut up, go away and stuff her undeserved Oscar where the kale don’t grow.

  12. She’s completely unbearable. So smug, sitting atop her macrobiotic throne. Acting career is in the crapper for a reason – nobody wants to see her.

  13. The great designers love to dress her; she is still quite beautiful and has beautiful manners to boot. Fussy? She’s a vegan. Janet reported some time ago that Gwyneth cheated on Brad with a co-star from “Sliding Doors” and that ended the engagement.

  14. @SebastianCanada,
    Gwyneth RE Madonna is the proof one can, in fact, catch Crazy

    Hah, made me laugh again. Can I steal this, with attribution?

    @Bettye Bluejay,
    Janet reported some time ago that Gwyneth cheated on Brad with a co-star from “Sliding Doors” and that ended the engagement.

    Thanks for posting; I’d missed that!

    Re: Tori:

    Hey, Tori Spelling can tell you exactly what she threw up that day!

  15. E, sure, my genius and wit is for all the world to share.

  16. If Tori Spelling authored a cookbook, it would be titled, “Whine and Cheesy with the Homebreaker.”

  17. Correction: Tori’s book would an “as told to.”

  18. I would think that if Tori wrote a cookbook it would HAVE to be called “Sloppy Seconds”.

  19. If Tori wrote a book it was be “it’s not so pretty to look like your daddy”.

  20. Lenny, her follow up would have to be “From Fugly to Ugly: My Quest to Look Like My Mom.”

  21. Ugh! This bitch! She has more money than God and lives a perfect life, and feels like she needs to tell us what to do and that its ‘so easy’ to have a body like hers. Most of us don’t have private chefs and trainers and all the time in the world to work out, shop, cleanse, detox, meditate and allow our nannies to raise our children and run our errands. Please Fishsticks, I beg of you- GO AWAY!!!!

  22. Clementine, Gwyneth’s life is not soooo perfect. She has Chris Martin on top of her twice a week.

  23. Didn’t I read that she has been diagnosed with some kind of bone disorder? I am sure that I did. If that is true,who the hell wants to know or care if she likes Kale? Act, sing, and otherwise shut the hell up about what you eat, drink, train etc. The public will connect with you through your acting roles…not your lifestyle….and by the way, you are not the only one who has lost a father.

  24. cannot stand her…howevs my grandma used to make kale & it was scrumptious.

  25. Chris Martin might be on top of someone else two or three times a week.

  26. Really what did happen to her career ? She used to be in tons of movies and photographed constantly. What changed ? Anybody know ? Is it that nobody wants to work with her ?

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