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At last. Someone has figured out what makes Gwyneth Paltrow so consistently annoying. According to writer Keli Goff at, the problem is that Gwyneth openly brags “My work ethic is the reason I’m successful. Everything in my life is good because I worked my ass off to get it and maintain it.” Keli brilliantly points out that like a lot of privileged people, Gwyneth is under the delusion that she EARNED everything she has and has the audacity to gloat about it. She’s one of those rich people with rich parents who think HARD WORK got them where they are. In other words, people who were BORN on 3rd base and act like they hit a triple. We suggest you read Keli’s entire satisfying diatribe. Gwyneth should read it too.


  1. Gwyneth tries to add to her ‘street cred’ by hanging around gangsters like Jay-Z but everyone knows she is a coddled little starlet with no ties to Johnny Lunchbucket ans Mary Minivan.

  2. Isn’t she the face for Lancome’s new fragrance, “Insufferable?”

  3. Spending time at the plastic surgeon and on her back with her legs in the air didnt hurt her career prospects either!

  4. The problem is, she probably really believes she worked her ass off for what she has, and didn’t get it handed to her. If you read Ivanka Trump’s book, she has the same attitude. Not that these women didn’t work hard, but come on….they had quite a head-start from everyone else. Just admit it. Here’s a great quote from the article: “And there’s something infuriating about listening to people born into the Dream—silver rattle in one hand, silver spoon in the other–lecture the rest of us on how easy it is to obtain—if we’re just willing to “work our asses off” like they do.”

  5. I don’t bother reading anything she says or puts out, she is/was an actress/brand – nothing special in my opinion. just not interested in her and wouldn’t want to have to put up with her in real life, I think she would be a pain in the a*s.

  6. “BORN on 3rd base and act like they hit a triple”

    Brilliant analogy, home run.

  7. It would make about as much sense as the Queen of England claiming she’s rich because of hard work. If hard work made you rich then everyone I know would be rich. Have you seen any rich maids? Or rich Walmart workers?

  8. I like the baseball analogy too, Rick! I’ve never thought Gwynnie was anything special, and if she worked her ass off to get what she has and maintain it, she needs to keep that little tidbit to herself. She has no clue how real people live.

  9. She is famous ONLY because her parents were famous. Oh and maybe being engaged to Brad Pitt had something to do with it as well.

    I like how she is trying to win over some younger fans by appearing on GLEE, 50 thousand times! She is trying to entice these young viewers into participating in buying her soon to be released album. So blatantly obvious, it is sickening.

    I also hate how she somehow tries to dumb down her voice as she tries to sound like a little girl. As far as I am concerned, her 15 minutes were up a long time ago.

  10. People pick on her because she’s an insufferably pretentious twat.

  11. Ugh,this stupid bitch is soo annoying!With her is what you see, is what you get,most people who haved worked for/with her are saying she is very rude,bad and selfish person.True!

  12. @My Darling Gwyneth:

    Born: to successful parents who adored you.
    Dad:producer of hit TV shows,took you on your first trip to Paris.
    Mom: multi-talented and well respected actress
    Engaged to: Brad Pitt
    Dated: Ben Affleck
    Married: Singer Chris Martin of Coldplay.
    Children: Girl> Apple, Boy> Moses
    Awards: Including Oscar for Shakespeare in Love.
    The only trial that I know about Gywneth is her crisis with postpartum depression a few years ago, after she had been treated for it.
    Gwyneth complaining about people picking on her when she has been so successful is No more stressful than a Talking Tom Turkey complaining that he wasn’t invited
    over for Thanksgiving Dinner. Gywneth sounds like a person at a wonderful party who is crying out loud because she had to be served champagne in a beer mug,and had to wipe her mouth with a paper towel instead of a dinner napkin while surrounded by everything else that she loves!!
    You have constantly been blessed,it is Not too late to learn to be more Thankful!!

  13. I had declared a personal moratorium on snickering at Gwynnie…until I read that quote. So much unexamined priviledge. I have worked my ass off my entire life and am still barely managing to keep my head above water. Then again, my dad walked out on us before I was born & was raised by a mom on welfare. Maybe I haven’t worked hard enough.

  14. Everyone else is late to the party, I’ve been hating on GP since like 93!

    GP did have parents working in the industry (but in a minor way, Mom is no Elizabeth Taylor and dad was no Sidney Lumet!)

    GP and fam do have connections to Steven Spielberg AND Micheal Douglas, but she really owes her success to the interest generated from her relationship to Brad Pitt.

    Her relationship with Pitt created a media firestorm and cemented her A list status.

    Before Paltrow, Pitt was in a long term thingy with Juliette Lewis (he broke up with Lewis because she was getting too deep into Scientology).

    At that time, Pitt was at his physical prime and just hitting his A list status.

    People were irritated and confused why Pitt would date someone who looks like Juliette Lewis and were relieved when he dumped Lewis and later took up with Paltrow.

    Paltrow is also a plain jane when she is not fully made up but she fits more inline with the image of the type of woman Brad Pitt should be seen with than Juliette Lewis does..

  15. a. She has definitely had her lips plumped up, as well as other various nips/tucks.

    b. She lived with Brad and in her own words…’were so comfortable with each other they often walked around in their birthday suits’. (Enquirer got 3 pics of them on their balcony, I remember vividly).

    c. How she got an Oscar for “Shakespeare in Love” is still a mystery and the pink dress she wore was hideous (anyone pull strings to push her ahead of the good actresses?)

    d. Reports are that her marriage to Chris is in trouble, as she has been seen at late night dining with 2 different men.

    e. Spoiled brat, pure and simple, having no idea what hard work really is.

  16. P.S.: Chris Martin also cheated, this was confirmed, and she supposedly forgave him. But methinks she is getting revenge by cheating too.

  17. Gwyneth also states that anyone who doesn’t like her or criticizes her is “insecure”. Excuse me? This pretentious, privileged snot is totally out of touch with reality. She really did start on third base with her “Uncle Steven” handing her a role in Hook. Nepotism strikes again. When she tells women that taking time for two hour daily workouts, facials, leg waxing, meditation, kaballah study etc, make her a better mom and wife and that we should all follow her lead, I want to slap her smug face. Gwyneth has nannies, a housekeeper, a cook, gardener, etc, etc, etc and is away from her family regularly. She really needs to shut her newly plumped up yap and watch the documentary I Am. Maybe she would gain some insight and self awareness and stop blaming other for disliking her and make herself more humble, grateful and therefor less of a target. Maybe she could start doing real charitable acts instead of dishing out useless advice and bragging about her perfection at everything.

  18. Speaking for someone who knows her, Gwyneth has impeccable manners, and takes responsibility for her actions. She was not raised to be a spoiled brat.

  19. Chris Martin hasn’t gone near her—let alone fucked her—since Moses was begat.

    And now we’re all paying the price for it.

    But her signature recipe for “Tap Water with Lemon Spritz” is to die for!

  20. @Bluejay (formerly the artist known as Betty Bluejay?):

    Elvis Costello has a song that includes the memorable lyric: “Good manners and bad breath will get you nowhere,”

    …which sums up nicely the challenges faced by Gwyn—given her personality, no?

  21. LOL at:

    But her signature recipe for “Tap Water with Lemon Spritz” is to die for!

    thank u Something Nice for a much needed laugh.

  22. What’s “fascinating” about her, in a kind of car-wreck-you-can’t-take-your-eyes-away-from way:

    Her all-too-apparent delusion that everyone else aspires to be her, envies her, wishes they had the things she has.

    And, of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Gwyneff is Hollywood’s version of Nancy Pelosi: a sad, grasping, over-compensated-for life shamefully hidden behind an empty rictus grin.

    If the gods are kind, she’ll announce she’s going into politics next LOL.

  23. Typical deluded rich chick who’s not getting any at home she is shrinking skinnier by the minute bragging about her perfect life HA. Mentions JayZ and Batali more than hubby. Marriage over and done.

    They have put off the divorce too long everybody knows that shes basically a single mother.

  24. Gwyneth Paltrow is my MOST ANNOYING celebrity. Her class-ism is beyond the pale. She cannot manage to NOT sound like the biggest snob on the planet, while at the same time, clawing and scratching her way back into the public domain in the most blatently commercial ways possible. Hipocrit, thy name is Gwyneth.

  25. Huh.

    And this pretentious broad wonders why people—often total strangers—are always saying to her:

    “C – U – Next – Tuesday!!”

    (Many times she’s had to scramble for her ostrich-skin covered datebook, fearing that she’s forgotten an appointment.)

  26. She must be just like us guys. She was in Country Strong and even sang country songs. Just last week I saw her sitting in the back of an old pickup truck. She was eating pork rinds and drinking Bud. I knew she was really down to earth when she got drunk and started lighting up her farts. The next day I bumped into her in line at a payday loan place.

  27. Great article! It articulates perfectly why she is so insufferable. GP is under the delusion that because she’s been taking private lessons with a singing coach that she’s a singer now. What she doesn’t get is that to be a great country singer, one must have really experienced life. GP can’t see beyond the upper east side of manhattan.

  28. ^^^ Agreed, Pd—And I think early indications of her lack of self-awareness came during her Oscar speech years ago.

    She was highly emotional—which was momentarily endearing—until you realized that what she was bawling through copious tears was, in essence,

    “I really, really, deserve this because of this hard fucking life I’ve led.”

    But when the camera cut to Judi Dench during this sob-fest, and it looked like Dame Judi had just been rolling her eyes? That made it all worth it LOL.

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