What does Gwyneth Paltrow have to hide? THAT is the burning question since it was revealed that Vanity Fair is writing an article about her WITHOUT her cooperation. Gwyneth has been warning friends and associates NOT to speak to the magazine. We could understand if this was The National Enquirer, but it’s Vanity Fair, for heaven’s sake! Gwyneth (above) has always been their darling! VF loves celebrities and their more provocative exposes are usually about socialites or criminals. For Gwyneth to be in fear of VF, there have to be some skeletons rattling in her closet. We already know that she cheated on Brad Pitt when they were together and that’s why they split up. We’re thinking Gwyneth would want to cover up some kind of cheating or secret plastic surgery or employee scandal. All this fuss will certainly call attention to the article, and we’re dying to get our hands on it.



  1. She is so insufferable. I don’t know about her friends, but I don’t take orders from others just because they may have an issue with another party; I talk to whomever I choose.

    If you want a laugh, take a look at Gwinnie on her scooter nearly getting hit by a bus. She just whizzes right in front of the bus without a care in the world-with her daughter riding in back hanging on for dear life. here’s the link:

  2. Every indication there were several lesbian affairs, possibly with Jessica the B.

  3. Isn’t she the one who spends most of her time on the toilet doing bowel “cleanses”?

  4. What Monica says is also what I heard. Also, I’ve always thought EATING DISORDER when I see her.

  5. Strom, you state “Every indication there were several etc.” why dont you share your un-impeachable proof, you big gay bullshitter ?

  6. Check it out Pied Piper and you should be able to find the same info. It’s no secret….except to many fans who the publicity flaks try and hide the truth from.

    Next you will also be amazed at Jessica B and Hillary C’s lesbian activity!

  7. just what I thought Strom, total bullshit, you’re full of it, always have been, you fraud.

  8. If it is so obvious @strom, where’s the proof buddy ? or are you just a bullshitter ????? a little, whiney gossip , tellin lies cause you’re all frustrated and such ? remember what the Bible says about false witness !!!

  9. ?!

    I can’t imagine the what the source of the feud can be about but it seems almost ironic.

    vanity fair and all those other publications made a star of paltrow whose talents and good looks are extremely overrated.

  10. Poor Pied Piper, always waving the rainbow flag, but when it turn out Jessica B and Gyyneth are munchers, won’t believe the facts. Look it up. Ellen is gushing.

  11. weak Strom, you can’t supply ANY sources can you ?, pathetic really.

  12. Amazing…next you will be saying RiRi and Jessica Biel aren’t clam lickers and that Paula Abdul is not currently screwing BLACKS!

    Grow up and do your research

  13. Mr.Strom, your language is offensive, needlessly.

    Like others here, I am also interested in your sources, for, if what you say is so “known” – why don’t you post your source ? It would be interesting.

    I think people may be right about you, you make things up. It seems you’re evading that simple, direct question, time after time.

    If you say it, especially when it has “every indication” as you insist, you should be able to show your sources, otherwise people will think you are just lying, just making unpleasant things up ?

    You wouldn’t do that would you ?

  14. there was a blind floating around that she was caught eating mcdonalds burgers, claiming to be vegetarian, and telling everyone how to eat

  15. I always thought she “cheated” on Brad Pitt with Harvey Weinstein so she could win that oscar she so desperately wanted before her Dad died. You never saw her and Harvey photographed together much after she got her trophy, but they were inseparable before the win. That ill-fitting pink gown was an attempt to look like the golden princess and I’m sure the tears were real for the degradation she suffered to win the prize for her Dad. Brad was probably too repulsed by her not being the “class” he thought she was; give him credit, though, for never giving details on why their engagement was broken.

  16. To repeat: Every indication there were several lesbian affairs, possibly with Jessica the B.

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