Rumor has it that Gwen Stefani plans to gradually edit the Harajuku girls out of her act. Introducing the fancifully attired Japanese “ghetto girls” was a brilliant move and they’ve been her super-hip backup dancers for the past few years. (Actually the girls are American and they assumed the Harajuku style.) Gwen has some new ideas that don’t include the girls, but her advisors don’t want her to give them up yet. The girls helped make Gwen an enormous success in Japan and her L.A.M.B. clothing line is taking off like a rocket there. It’s a smart business move to keep the Harajuku girls around for awhile longer and we hope Gwen agrees – we think they’re adorable.


  1. Having 4 mute japanese girls follow her around is actually quite offensive.

  2. Gwen Stefani is not just a horrible dresser but is over hyped like Paris and the rest. What exactly has she contributed other than being a mediocre singer? Like many today, absolutely nothing.

  3. who in the hot he** of their right mind would want to look like this train wreck with platium wigs? I used to like her voice, but now that I know this 36 year old woman is stuck in her cheerleading days – she has nothing to say. B to the ORING.

  4. Gwen has the same bod as those little girls. Isn’t plastic surgery great? Just kidding. It’s Hollywood that demands that of her. She’s still a great, innovative musician, and she’s MUCH better than her “peers” (they wish).

  5. I wish the Asian girls would give her a kick in her ass.Time for Gwen and her drag queen loving hubby to hang it up….Oye Vey

  6. She kinda looks like those funny boys in westhollywood that dress up like the ladys,we at temple jewnosejob think they are funny.But as for those commie jap girls,they look mean,they should go back to doing nails

  7. judy jew, racism does not make you hardcore. give it up, you’re not cool.
    gwen and her little posse would prob be cool if they were the genuine article, but apparently those “Harajuku” girls are just american chicks dressing like japanese girls and putting on fake accents. i dunno but i’m pretty sure that constitutes poser-ism

  8. i heard these girls are japanese americans who are fluent in english but are not allowed to speak english. whatever. stop using asian girls as an accessory, gwen.

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