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Gwen Stefani is pictured returning to LA from Las Vegas with Zuma in her arms and Kingston in tow. Her No Doubt bandmate and exboyfriend Tony Kanal can be seen behind her. It looks like stylish little Kingston is cultivating a Robert Pattinson hairstyle.



  1. Interesting how whenever Gwen is with her kids the pappi’s are there too….It is sickening how this Woman exploits her children for commercial gain This is post-Bush America today people!


  3. Is the kid who’s walking sporting a DYE JOB? There are no words to describe the USELESSNESS of his Walmart Madonna mama.

  4. Those pants look as if somebody threw up all over them. Stefani needs to revamp her clothing choices.
    She’s getting way too old to wear this crap that even a 14 year old with any taste would hesitate to wear ! She looks ridiculous.

  5. she’s a rocksuperstar…who cares what she wears? her priorities are her family unlike so many others with her degree of fame.

  6. If her priorities are her family then she would not have those hairstyles on her children. Dreadful.

  7. I’d like to bite the cheeks of the bald baby……and trim that hair off the older one.

  8. You don’t dye/bleach a kids hair….The chemicals can cause immune system problems among other problems down the road! What was she thinking I guess not a green nor health conscious Mom! Just not KOOL!

  9. I can’t stand when people do weird stuff to their kids hair, I mean they’re just innocent kids. Why can’t they just be left to be natural at least through their childhood. Why do they have to be forced into the pop culture bullshit before they even understand it. It’s not the kid who made the choice. He doesn’t even look cute, just sad. She should be ashamed. Terrible mother!

  10. Haven’t seen her homo husband with the family lately.

  11. she is one pathetic old bag, why does she sing songs a thirteen year old girl should be singing? she looks so ridiculous in these desperate costumes always trying to appear young and relevant but the only thing she looks like is a bad joke. no doubt.

  12. Gwen is still trying to keep the world fooled. Why everyone thinks she is stylish is a mystery. She designs for preteens and tweens. She’s almost 40, time to get classy Gwen.

  13. I don’t like her, her music, or her hideous ever-present bright red lipstick.

  14. She is looking like the manly Madonna, guess her bisexual husband likes ’em more on the boy side. She really should lighten up..we get it youre an ‘alternative So Cal’ mall punk…we get it…soften up Gwen!

  15. Casonia Logenberry of Seattle is really crazy about Hells kitchen...Massive about of friends never watch the show and is turned off by the rudeness and swearing and abusive hurtful words.. says:

    I am really happy for Gwen she has what she wants and that is a family and some one to share her life with and her children are Breath taking and Part mother and Part Daddy makes a wonderful mix..She is always going to have Beautiful children in her life..The stars are shining down on her.

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