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And a happy wallet. He’s on top of the world since “Sherlock Holmes” turned out to be a hit – 400 million dollars worldwide – despite mixed reviews. Ritchie has offers, and he was thinking about directing an action thriller “Lobo,“ but he’ decided to strike while the iron is hot and get to work on another Sherlock Holmes movie. All the original stars have agreed to return. Life after Madonna isn’t so bad.


  1. He’s happy because he got rid of that skanky whore he was stuck with for so many years!! He should be celebrating for the rest of his life for getting rid of that hag!!

  2. And he still sucks as a director, he’s imitation Tarantino and Tarantino himself ain’t all he’s cracked up to be.

  3. Getting Madonna out of your life does a body good, who wouldn’t smile.

  4. I loved the camaraderie and clever dialog bits in “Sherlock Holmes.” The action scenes could have been better.

  5. Did he really think the union with Vadge would last? Get real.

  6. He did well professionally before her and, obviously, is doing well after her. It does make you wonder whether she, in particular, has a deleterious effect on his career, or whether settling down with anyone would have that effect.

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