Real World: Boston 1997 star Sean Duffy, 38, (above left) was elected to the House of Representatives in Wisconsin despite his colorful TV history. Sean, a conservative Republican, did not play up his reality star past in his campaign, but his opponent tried to use it against him. In fact, that opponent, Dan Mielke, used a Real World gay oriented mockumentary “The Wedding Video (made by another Real World star Norman Korpi) (above right) that Sean appeared in as ammo against him. Norm, the first openly gay MTV star, filmed the tongue-in-cheek gay wedding video with Sean, his wife Rachel (another Real World star) and other Real World alumni. His opponent questioned Duffy’s morals and blasted the video as obscene. Happily, voters preferred the gay-friendly Duffy.

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  1. Janet dear, and all her minions, if you are posting a story about a gay boy, one of the last terms you should use with a straight face is “tongue-in-cheek”. Just sayin’.

  2. Gerard, you’re the only FAGGOT around here you asshole! Why don’t you do everybody a favor and go hang yourself in the closet?!

  3. Reta, condemning someone you consider a homophobe with a homophobic slur really doesn’t work. It is on par with the male feminist who said “Bitches should have equal rights”.

  4. If the words ‘gay’ and ‘Republican’ weren’t such a glaring contradiction in terms here in America, this would be great news. Given the aggressively anti-gay stance of the Republican party in general, and despite Sean’s pearly white smile, I’d bet the House he either suffers from a deep seated case of self loathing, or he’s sold his gay soul, or both.

  5. Ha! Rick, my impression is that anyone who is a Republican and who is not an upper-middle class white straight Protestant male with a small penis must suffer from self-loathing.

  6. The ad for this post is Booyah. Ya know what that is? Composite soup cooked in a brand new garbage can, and served at church suppers, firehouses, etc. with big cardboard signs on wooden posts, planted along busy streets, in the midwest.
    Somehow this guy doesn’t look like he eats booyah.

  7. If you search the web long enough, you will probably find that Booyah is also some bizarre sexual act. That might explain it.

  8. I didn’t know this. I have watched MTV Real World over the years and wondered why no one ever comes out on the show or after….well, here’s one. I don’t know the guy, but I’m glad this happened.

  9. It’s not just Sean’s Republican affiliation that gives me pause for thought. It’s his identification specifically with the ‘conservative’ arm of the Republican party, well known for promoting rigidly inflexible, discriminatory views against gays, and who lobby relentlessly for ballot initiatives aimed at invalidating all aspects of the lifestyle. I suppose it could be argued that his intent is to effect a positive change toward tolerance from the inside, but that remains to be seen, and he couldn’t have chosen a more difficult or questionable route to accomplish it, with the likes of Dr. D. James Kennedy and Dr. James Dobson among others being (R) conservative heroes.

  10. Maybe the guy likes angry scarey toilet stall gay sex. I hear ya gotta be a Republican to get that.

  11. Unless I read this post wrong, Sean is not gay. He and his wife Rachel made a video with another Real World alum named Norm, who is gay.

  12. Thanks Denise. I misread that completely. I come here on a break from my studies at times. Perhaps I should try something else that doesn’t require more reading.

  13. I think it is great to have gay people all over the world working in each direction and serving the world and having wisdom about everything in are lives and it is a positive direction..We are taking as humans to understand standards.

  14. Gay people are nice and kind and concerned and worried and they can be a friend in a time of need…People are people and you should look at the kindness and thoughtful-ness and peace of heart that show throw passion and care and I like Gay people even though I AM STRAIGHT and what I LIKE IS FRIENDSHIP AND KINDNESS.

  15. Nothing to fear…all you have to do is tell gay person that your straight..If they get interested in that way and then the flirting stops and they will only reach out to be a friend.. and if they don’t listen..THEN THEY LOSE MY FRIENDSHIP AND COMPANY ALL TOGETHER.

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