Cute Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis, 35, became famous in America when she was dating George Clooney. She has moved on to a new boyfriend and she’s not doing badly for herself. Actually, she and Brian Perri have been seeing each other for MONTHS, but he lives in Beverly Hills and she lives mostly in Italy. Not only is Brian good looking, but he happens to be an orthopedic surgeon at Cedars Sinai hospital. (Above, Elisabetta met Brian at the train station in Florence on their way to an event in Tuscany.)


  1. They looks alike, that’s the attraction.

    Everyone tires of this tramp, even steve-o.

  2. Joan is right. This is not Brian Perri…. Just Google him… This guy is very cute ‘tho!

  3. @Juxtapose – u need glasses. They look nothing alike. He is the beauty and she is the beast….

  4. Elis. does not seem pretty enough to catch Georgie’s eye. Maybe she had some Italian sex tricks to teach him, otherwise he would not have signed her on for the approximate 2 years given to each of his

  5. Plus….Elis will find no shortage of men wanting to move in with her, that is, move into the huge mansion Georgie bought her when her time was up and he kicked her out.

  6. True, they both look very greasy in this picture. ‘betta used to be a very pretty girl. She will likely soon be servicing Berlusconi for $$$ to keep up. But there are at least no rumors of her screwing BLACKS and going lesbo like Jessica Biel.

  7. She’s too old for berlusconi. She was always somewhat pretty but with a hard edge. I’d heard she was a ll call girl in the past, it seems like she’d had plenty a rough night.

  8. Very greasy looking….greasers,,,,oilers, need a good scrubbing. Berlusconi is like NJ Senator Menendez, he likes them young!

  9. in italia si dice che il bue chiama cornuto l’ ogni tanto deste un’occhiata al vostro perbenismo e ai vostri beniamini vi accorgereste della merda che vi circonda e la finireste di rompere le palle.elisabetta e bellissima cosi com’e e naturale e non ha bisogno di rifarsi come( tutte nessuna esclusa) le bellezze alle quali siete abituati tutte finte .chi te lo ha detto che senza clooney non ha successo lei viene fotografata ovunque e felice della sua vita e il resto e solo fantasia perversa di chi commenta.elisabetta ha sempre lasciato non e mai stata lasciata da nessuno clooney compreso questa e la verita fatevene una ragione.

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