Has anybody else noticed how much Amal Alamuddin has EVOLVED since she started dating George Clooney? She was always attractive, but never seemed terribly confident about her looks or obsessed with fashion. She was a busy, slightly frazzled lawyer. This wedding weekend she appeared in multiple fabulous outfits and always looked devastating. Now she’s a world class beauty. We suspect George has a team of experts that he brings in to prepare his women for special public appearances.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. must be nice to have a husband with money and connections to have people dress you and put you together.

  2. She’s an ugly but very elegant girl. This picture shows what a bad face she has. Thank goodness for Hollywood stylists, money and makeup artists and for being slim and fit and having long hair. That’s 90% of the battle.

  3. I thought she looked gorgeous in all the pix. Looking forward to seeing the wedding dress.

  4. They are a very beautiful couple. The next question is – will they have children?

  5. I think they are in love, but I also think Clooney might be thinking of entering the political arena — thus, finally getting married, AND, marrying a beautiful, super-smart attorney who has her own long list of accomplishments. Stacy Keibler, she’s not! Given his height of celebrity, EVERYTHIHG Clooney does is calculated — including the dressing up of his wife. 🙂

  6. So now he has a willing beard who just happens to be a lesbian. A match made in gay heaven.

  7. actually she never was a “busy lawyer”.She looks a bit different because she lost weight,that’s all.She looks like a manly version of Anne Hathaway.

  8. I agree was more a rich girl from rich family and took on high profile cases like wiki leaks.

    Doesn’t look too manly and very skinny legs….George and his trainers have much work to do on her lower body.

  9. anyone who would vote for clooney anything above dog catcher needs their head examined.

  10. I think she’s very attractive. She’s definitely lost weight in the year they’ve been dating. She is now supermodel thin. Love the clothes she wears — everything is just perfect on her. I heard Clooney had a vasectomy many years ago to make sure there’d be no kiddies. I think Amal knew that was part of the deal. As for whether their love is real…who knows…he decided she was the one he could be with longer than his usual 2 year stint.

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