We were as startled as you were to hear that George Clooney gifted thirteen of his male friends with a million dollars in 2013. He invited them all to dinner and gave each one designer luggage filled with $20 bills! An incredible gesture – but let’s analyze this. George said many of his longtime friends –“the boys” -did not achieve the success that he did, so he wanted to relieve their financial worries. Randi Gerber revealed this news – apparently he was among the lucky 13. But he was ALREADY a millionaire, thanks to his entertainment business – bars and lounges worldwide. Were the other recipients really that hard up? MOST IMPORTANT, George didn’t know even ONE WOMAN in his life deserving of such a gift? Really? Not even a loyal publicist or agent? Amal was not in the picture yet, so he didn’t eliminate women because of her. There’s no doubt that George is a nice guy, but this proves that even nice guys don’t help women…

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. Since men and women are equals this means George can give the money to the people he actually likes. Can’t have it both ways dear.

  2. All my closest friends are women, if I had the money to give there wouldn’t be any men on my list. That’s just the way it is.

  3. Missing from the story: the detail that several of the men from the party (but not George; oh goodness gracious, not George, not his kind of thing at all) ended the evening at a Hollywood strip club, where a respectable number of those $20 bills were distributed among the working girls there, thus empowering them, and helping to feed and house them, while also providing a boost to the local economy.

    (P.S. The lucky boys around the table were all smiles, until they discovered that George had also thoughtfully included an IRS 1099 Form in their Oprah-esque tote bags! 😀 )

  4. You must be in bed with George.

    George Clooney is gay. His marriage is fake. This story of the 14 friends and 1 million dollars has been released to help lessen the impact of a march larger story that will break in the near future. Randy Gerber and George are more than friends and business partners. Everyone in Holywood knows this,

  5. George has grown into looking like a really creepy old guy. Poor Amal, she caught him on the way down.

  6. If you don’t think Georgie is gay, gay gay, it is obvious you have been living under a rock. He and Rande Gerber are far far more than friends. Believe it!!

  7. Of course, George Clooney is G A Y !!!!! Everyone knows this. The fake marriage. The little baby is just a prop. Gerber is G A Y too!!! Everyone knows that too !!!!

  8. I’m convinced Amal was never pregnant. That fake preg belly she wore never made her look more than 5 or 6 months preggers with a singleton and she was supposedly pregnant with twins, with her teeny tiny narrow waist and hips! And a month or 2 later after the birth she’s size 0 once again. Nahhh. Sorry. It’s obvious they used a surrogate. Notice they announced “the arrival” of their twins, not the birth of the twins. That’s because the twins ‘arrived’ in a dark vehicle with privacy tinting, delivered right to them at their home. There were never any details about her giving birth; it was all a ruse.

    Why the need to LIE about her being pregnant in the first place? Do people really care about that? It’s funny that George never had an interest in having children…like ever, ever. I guess Amal made it a condition of the marriage contract and he was game.

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