Brits are all aflutter since George Clooney surprised his fiancée Amal Alamuddin with a tour of the Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey is filmed. It’s the only TV series Amal cares about and she was captivated by the private tour. Of course the British papers are now speculating that this will be their wedding venue. The castle and fabulous grounds can be rented for weddings and prices start at $25000 and go WAY up, depending on the frills. It’s predicted that George and Amal will wed in September – a year after they met.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


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  2. There will be no wedding. This is a complete farce.

  3. I can’t decide if she’s an uglier or prettier version of ugly Anne Hathaway.

    I hope she knows that other than his bank account, George clooney isn’t a prize.

  4. George doesn’t have to marry Amal to get what he wants so why would he?

    Hillary didn’t have to marry Huma to get what she wanted, so she didn’t.

  5. What a bunch of bull! Why does he have to marry her? We all know he’s gay!

  6. This whole “wedding” is politically motivated. She and her family are anti-Semite Muslims who are pro-Palesinian and anti-west. Also EXTREMELY progressive in terms of American politics as is Clooney. She clerked for that lib whack job Sotomayor. He’s a progressive “fair share” hypocrite who got socialism elected here..and then took his movies and money and left us with the tab. Both “humanitarians” but nothing on the kidnapped Nigerian girls and/or the pregnant missionary scheduled for execution because they are CHRISTIAN. They are a joke if you’ve been paying attention. Mr. “Everyman” and the “human rights” lawyer. Check her client list, too. “Human rights”. Sure. Get on that, Janet. OUT THE BOTH OF THEM for the frauds they are.

  7. No staged pics of them in England yet, either. A joke. They’re a joke.

  8. I agree that Clooney is a Liberal and this is another way to improve his PC cred. Shelby, you are the whack job if you believe the US is socialist. There are MORE billionaires than ever and MORE working poor. Demo, Reb, or Liberal doesn’t matter. This is the same guy who spent thousands on a diamond ring and would spend this kind of money for rich people’s amusement. Keep being distracted by religion, gays, race, etc. that is what the 1% bank on.

  9. Shelly, just because someone is pro Palestine, it does not make them anti Semitic. It’s your hatred of Gentiles that turns Gentiles off to your agenda. Check your racism, baby!

  10. If….big If….there is a wedding, it doesn’t appear to be one based on true love. I think it will be just a marriage of convenience. There is a lot about this ‘sudden infatiation’ of his that would curl our hair if we knew what was really going on. I don’t think George even knows what true love is, looking back on his many affairs with money-hungry skags who were in it for his $$$. Most everyone believes they were beards and knew that their max time with him was about 2 years. All signs point to the old rumor that he is gay. Maybe his Muslim fiance is too?

    Clooney is looney.

  11. I have never seen his appeal. If this marriage does go through it’s not for any of the usual reasons.

  12. How could Clooney and his fake gal be anti-Semitic? If it wasn’t for the Hollywood Jews Clooney would be working in a Coal mine or pumping gas.

  13. I’m not convinced this wedding will really happen…I guess we will see.

  14. I am all for love, marriage,and happiness,but I
    do believe that GC will earn his 3rd Oscar before he marries anyone. I will Not minimize the Notion that he is engaged, but being engaged and taking vows are two different levels of commitment. I will believe that George Clooney is a married man when I read it in Janet Charlton’s Hollywood!!

  15. That’s the thing, isn’t it? How the Jews in Hollywood promote such an agenda? They support Obama and Hillary like the sheep they are, and he, in turn, supports and employs the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Racist? You are you to call me that? Realist more like it. I’m educated. I know the difference between the pro-Palestinian/anti-Semite terminology. She has stated explicitly many times that she it pro-Palestinian, and her family’s history, her included, is filled with support for anti-Semitic groups and legislation. Look it up.

    Huma Weiner’s family affiliates with the Brotherhood. So does Hillary. So does Obama. Don’t you wonder why Mr. Gay Rights and his humanitarian fiancee haven’t come out to support the Beverly Hills Boycott? His films (see: “Syrianna”) funded by Arab big oil.

    Yes…America is a socialist nation. No, we do not have the highest content of 1%ers. That’s England…where Clooney’s fiancee and mother live and where he is looking to move. Not a coincidence. Wealth is bad for us, not them. Speaking of evil wealth, Hollywood is where a large bulk of it is concentrated in this country. How about we start with “fair sharing” there? Then move onto professional sports. Then talk to me about CEO’s who employ thousands of people.

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