Photo Credit: Buzz Foto

Gavin Rossdale looks happy these days because he’s performing with his band Bush in New York and they’re releasing an album,”Sea of Memories, on September 13. It’s their first album since Bush disbanded 10 years ago. Little Kingston fits right in with the band members as they leave the Soho hotel in New York. But he’s more interested in playing games on an iPhone than talking about music.


  1. A man has a right to his thoughs and feelings and what gives him joy and of course this picture is great and every one looks really happy and relaxed and having fun. On a Beautiful Sunny Day and every one has a wonderful smile on there face and to me…It is going to be a fantastic day! Flawless and Fun. Look at this out standing family.

  2. Hope I’m not alone, but I enjoyed Bush’s music. I always thought Gavin Rossdale had a great rock voice.

  3. I agree, BUSH are the shizznit! Saw them on a double bill with HOLE (Courtney Love’s band) years ago. Great show!

  4. They’re working a joint album with the Beaver Brothers Band.

    True Story!

  5. lets just say…there performance yesterday was AWESOME!! couldnt ask for anything else!

  6. Looks like Laura Bush is taking a very relaxed approach to retirement LOL.

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