Contrary to Halle Berry’s claims that Gabriel Aubry has stopped working and is living on HER money, Aubry is, indeed, still working as a model and he looks darn good. When those photos surfaced of Aubry’s bruised face after the encounter with Halle’s husband Olivier Martinez, we though he might not look the same, but he’s still hot. He’s doing the INC 2015 ad campaign with Heidi Klum.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. Gabe is a very lucky man to be moving on from scary, biracial Halle!

  2. He and Heidi look good together, much better than her real boytoy Vito.

  3. don’t let your life being ruled by women, do your own thing!!

  4. Heidi is starting to look old here, especially in the cheeks and neck.

  5. Halle wants Gabe out of the picture completely.

    She and (her husband) have used every angle (except lobbing an accusation of sex abuse) against Aubry to deny his parental rights and each time its backfired in their faces.

    Most women would be thrilled to have an ex who is involved in his childs life, Halle is the exception.

    Halle has admitted to having a complicated relationship with her own father and this is the template she has used with every romantic relationship she’s had.

    EVERY man she has dated or married has something wrong with him.
    And when she finally divorces Martinez, you will begin to hear from HB how defective he is too.

  6. Janet, this is his first job. He knows the court is going to cut his lifeline from him, he might as well get his stinky azz back out there.

  7. It’s sad he has to endure the insufferable Berry.

  8. He’s a very attractive man. Too bad he got hooked up with Halle Berry to begin with.

  9. This blonde BUM has mainpulated Halle for years but you all are so racist in your bias against her you can’t see the facts he is a user. 25k a month to babysit his own child?!! IF this lazy bastard was a black man and Halle a white woman you’d be calling him a lazy bastard so I’ll do it for you!

  10. I hope not falling for this trap of dating woe.. Heidi’s not entirely loyal, fun to be with and kind just like greatly disturbed Halle..

  11. Poor Eyre Jane… racist. Halle is a well known looney…maybe part of her bi racial genes….pulls out the BLACK card whenever it helps.

  12. Poor Jane…if Obama was a white man you would be calling him the worst President in history….so many of us will do it for you!

  13. The real shame is that Heidi had so little class as to dally with BLACK Seal.

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