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Gabriel Aubry often says that his daughter Nahla is his first priority and he finds great joy in taking her to and from school. He has good reason to be fearful that his ex Halle Berry plans to move to Paris with their daughter and her fiancee Olivier Martinez. Halle means business. Not only was she checking out schools in Paris recently but she is in the process of learning French with a private Berlitz tutor. Gabriel’s only hope is that the court won’t allow Halle to take Nahla so far away.


  1. Halle is a mean witch. She was on Oprah almost a year ago and whined and cried and bitched about her life the whole time. I hope the court sides with Gabriel, altho Gabe should have known not to get hooked up with this devious self-centered hag.

  2. PS: It appears his weiner had a mind of its own, and he overlooked her track record of driving all her men away sooner or later.

    Good grief, Jen Aniston doesn’t look her best in this pic. I thought she had a nose job, but it looks even bigger now. She still hates Angelina, no matter what anyone thinks, even tho she has supposedly moved on.

  3. Halle has planted stories about Gabriel in the press to make him look bad. That has been proven. I hope the judge gives him full custody, she is a crackjob for sure!

  4. Tired of Parental Alienation……….It’s disgusting..

  5. Another Hollywood partnership gone bad and the recipient of the hatred between the couple is the child…I hope the court sides with Gabriel…no child should be taken away from one of the parents and its hideous that Halle is trying to do this. It really shows her character or lack thereof…

  6. Agree with all of the above comments.

    How can you claim to Love your child when your life’s mission is to try to poisin her against her father. Life is hard enough with 2 good parents. How selfish of Halle Berry.

    PS. I hope nobody goes to see her movie that is coming out soon. She doesn’t deserve it!

  7. If Berry weren’t famous and hot, there’s no way they’d letter take the kid out of the country. I hope the judge takes a look at her record and her history of evasion of responsibility.

  8. I think the real question is, how long before the relationship between Halle and Olivier blows up? Aubrey can bide his time in peace, because once Halle gets to Paris the only person she will be able to focus her anger on will be the new man, and that doesn’t bode well.

  9. …what a selfish witch…he may not be the best at parenthood…but, it’s a two-way street…she needs to back off and put her instant happiness off (or rewrite what her happiness looks like) until her daughter is a an adult…or, old enough to choose which parent to live with…

  10. She should not be allowed to move the child out of the country. Period. How selfish can you get? Many a mother would love the father to be involved in their child’s life.
    When she’s flips out on Oliver will she move back?

  11. I can’t stand Halle Berry. What a messed up piece of work she is. She needs help for her mental issues. I feel sorry for what the poor child has to go through.

    Gabriel has live part of his life with his daughter in the public just to prove that he is not a monster and that he loves his daughter. This is sad. I wish he could get custody.

  12. Multi racial, multi cultural rainbow relationships lead to this…the kids are always the real victims. She will grow up with money but will have a lot to mentally overcome.

  13. Gosh, she should be thrilled this man is even interested in his kid.

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  15. To keep fighting to spend time with your child has to be a Nightmare in itself and to move his daughter to another state has to be a major pain.

  16. Why do people fight over kids and use the child as a Pawn in the relationship? I will never understand that but it there personal business and they are going throw the motions and hope they can work things throw and see where things go.

  17. Fucking Weirdo! -_- Who would marry such a thing? Oliver dont let her breast mesmorize you! Your making the wrong decision!!!! Leave before her fertile ass traps you!!!!

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