Without a lot of fanfare, Charlie Sheen arrived in Melbourne ahead of his upcoming “speaking tour” in Australia. He’s following in the footsteps of Jane Fonda’s speaking tour – but her tickets started at $99 and his cheapest seats are $195, and go up to $1,495.00. Charlie has plenty to talk about – his life of overindulgence, women problems, his firing from Two and a Half Men, and his eventual confession (he says due to blackmail) that he’s HIV positive. The promoter says nothing will be off-limits during the audience Q&A, and we REALLY hope someone asks HOW he contracted HIV. We DOUBT he’ll tell the truth about THAT!

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  1. Well… one of Charlie’s former buddies (the ex-pro-baseball player) has already let that cat out of the bag: he reports that Sheen has a hankering for p*nis whenever he’s drunk or high–and Charlie was, alledgedly, drunk and/or high MOST of the time–a sure recipe for DISASTER. 🙁

    Indeed, there was a certain “tell” courtesy of Charlie himself some years ago. When the “Hollywood Madam” scandal revealed that Sheen was a regular customer, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. (Indeed, the longstanding rumor in LA has supposed that Charlie was first introduced to future wife Denise through Madam Alex; more about that below).

    Under questioning, Charlie freely admitted having paid Madam Alex for the purpose of providing women for “heterosexual sex”–an oddly specific detail, considering that that was the only kind of pandering in which MA was engaged.

    Was Charlie only too eager to boast of his proclivities, beset by another darker, too-“terrrible”-to reveal secret about himself?

    As for Denise, she famously sunk a substantial part of the cash Sheen gave her into an impressive new spread in Hidden Hills. It was there that she planned to set her upcoming reality series, but angry, influential neighbors put the brakes on that project.

    Denise never really moved into that house, but she did sink another ton of money into “upgrades.”

    Now here’s where things take an even more interesting turn: Denise added, among other features, an extensive pool-grotto, that was straight out of the Hefner Playboy Mansion. Nothing kid-friendly about it. Inside, she went wild with lots of crushed velvet seating surfaces, animal prints, and black(!!) wall-paint.

    She created nothing less, from the looks of it, than a “high-class” bordello. Was she intending to take a page from Madam Alex, and go into a particular lucrative business? Whatever happened (the house was eventually placed on the market–good luck with that!), the implicit “UP YOURS” to her would-be neighbors in Hidden Hills was pretty clear. 😀

  2. edit: “allegedly” and various other typos. Cursed phone! 😀

  3. With the wild, hedonistic lifestyle that Charlie has lived/lives he probably doesn’t know how/who/when/where he contacted HIV.

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