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The last time we wrote about Faye Dunaway dining, she was wearing plastic gloves and carefully weighing her chicken and broccoli at Koo Koo Roo. But she seems to have gotten a grip on her odd food habits because she had a very pleasant meal of prawns and chicken at Philippe in West Hollywood. Faye and a female friend enjoyed their food and discussed Leonard Cohen. Both agreed they love his music, and Faye admitted that she had a crush on the 76 year old singer.


  1. Ms Dunaway’s face looks amazing. Her hands and probably the rest of her body……not so much!!

  2. this was a perfect chanche to show her new dentures to the public.

  3. Oh, the wonderful times my husbear and I had with our dear friend, The Fayester.

    Smart, evening cocktails and supper with Lew and Eddie Wasserman, Ross Hunter, Dr. Jules Stein and his lovely wife Doris up at the top of Angelo Dr. Missy Faye would of course arrive fashionably late with a young escort in tow. Jack and Marlon would stop by.

    Faye, dressed in a smashing Pucci, open toe capezio with manicured toes to match her flaxen locks. Charming, witty, gay conversation. Mr & Mrs Robert Wise would stop by for desert and tell stories of on set shenanigans.

    And then out came the flask and then someone, maybe Jack, that rable rousing imp, mentioned the film whose name shall never be spoken and Mr Campbell knew the party was about to be over. I really did try to tell her, with love of course, it didn’t really destroy her career. I mean, there’s always daytime or game shows, but she just didn’t see it that way.

    Poor dear. Air kisses, sweetie, love ya mean it.


  4. Those Hands!!!
    Those paws are 70 years old……

  5. I think she is way to old for leonard – isn’t that the guy who has a relationship with someone 2 generations younger than himself!

  6. Always one of my favorite actresses. And the movie we won’t speak of was just awful. Thank you Mrs. Patrick Campbell for the story and the link to Faye’s Tirade. Very amusing.

  7. Mrs Campbell, very good work as usual.
    You and your husbear are by far the most out there posters on this site.
    Always fresh and interesting.

  8. Very amusing voice mail, indeed. Actors and actresses can keep pulling their faces back and their foreheads up, but they can’t do anything about their aging hands.

  9. Re Ms. Dunaway’s hands, she clearly suffers from rheumatoid arthritis–and a quite degenerative stage of it–hence all the knobs and bumps. She’s probably endures significant pain attempting what most people take for granted that their hands will do, like opening balky jar lids. Have a little compassion, people.

  10. Mrs Patrick Campbell, Thank you for sharing the entertaining story (& link) with us. I loved it !!! : )

  11. We recently saw the Towering Inferno again. God, she was so gorgeous when she was young.

  12. I ALWAYS thought she was a horrible actress and OVERACTED the hell out of everything! A couple of years ago she was on a stupid contest where she was judging “actresses” and her stiff, ridged, imperical and self convinced perfection was a real hoot and the only reason worth watching the dud. I think it was pulled off air before the finish.
    As for the “hands”, yes they CAN do things to help that “old person look” nowadays. They take fat from other places and shoot it around in the hands, which is part of what is missing as they age, showing the bones and veins thru the thin skin. I’m surprised in her vanity she hasn’t done it, or maybe she HAS and those are the times she wears the gloves. Either way, they look very veiny and nasty and not ALL older people have hands like that. Funny that someone so vain would wind up like that.

    As for Leonard Cohen. I got first dibs on that dude! MOST brilliant singer/songwriter EVER and a favorite of the Beatles and many other wise professionals over the years. His voice too, is killer good and just wipes me out. His CD “I’m You Man” is my favorite, but my favorite SONG is Hallelujah…

    I did my best, it wasn’t much
    I couldn’t feel, so I tried to touch
    I’ve told the truth, I didn’t come to fool you
    And even though it all went wrong
    I’ll stand before the Lord of Song
    With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

    -Leonard Cohen

  13. I have read so many stories that she is terribly nasty to everybody she comes across. Especially the “little” people.

  14. Mrs Patrick Campbell: LOVE LOVE LOVE the link! I usually don’t click any of those on sites like this because who knows what they REALLY are, but I took a chance on yours and was happy I did. WHAT A COLOSSAL HOOT!!! Does that freak of a woman actually believe the world revolves around her or what? Don’t answer that…I’ve already seen enough of her in action as “herself” to know she DOES. They must have yanked her face back so tight it gave her brain damage. Well, it couldn’t have hurt her ACTING any because she ALWAYS stunk to high heaven, chewing up the scenery and all the other actors around her as she chomped her way thru with those enormous choppers of hers. She reminds me of one of those “Funhouse rides” where you sit in a boat and ride thru the enormous mouth at the front into God knows what inside. Only, in THIS ride, it would be an endless looping of her movie clips and her laughter and her “wire hangers” witch show would be the climax at the end with wire hangers everywhere EEE EEE EEE!!

  15. Too little too late. Leonard always has a much younger lady.

    Faye was a mean b!tch for so many years.

    Dieting makes woman testy that’s why those H’wood dames are always spazzing …HUNGRY.

  16. omg those HANDS….WTH? Not even a 100 yr old woman would have hands like that…good grief!!!!!!!!

  17. She doesn’t even look like herself. Take a look at her in Chinatown, 3 Days of the Condor or Bonnie and Clyde, she had such a unique look. Then she went overboard too young and started screwing with her face. It’s almost grotesque.

  18. Casonia Logenberry and Well Wishes to Chef Gordon Ramsay Family and Friends! So much good cooking on Masterchef that it was a Yummy moment for all three judges. Hells kitchen is full of Hell? says:

    Faye Dunaway Eats a Nice Balance Meals and Looks incredible for her age and she is a Beautiful and Breath taking woman and…I am sure that Mr Cohen has got wind of her information. Hope he is single…Mrs Dunaway is amazing and…Lucky the man who gets with her!

  19. She is looney tunes and Jewish Leonard is only in it for occasional sex, which she provides.

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