We were happy to learn that Farrah Fawcett didn’t leave anything in her will to her longtime companion Ryan O’Neal. Farrah‘s more than four million dollar estate is mostly going to her son Redmond O’Neal, currently in jail on drug charges. Farrah rewrote her will in 2007 to make sure Redmond’s inheritance will be carefully handled by executors so he won’t use the money to fund his drug habit. Redmond will have a trust fund and monthly allowance, along with money to by a house. Farrah also left money to her alma mater The University of Texas .


  1. Don’t you mean “The University of Texas”? Only Aggies call is Texas University….

  2. Why did this dumb red-head jerk get into drugs so deep and ruin his life and make his parents miserable. I hope he stays in jail a long time and thinks long and hard about his cushy life that he had, more than most kids ever have. Farrah should have left most of her $$$ to charity and very little to him.

  3. Why should farrah leave ryan anything anyway. Ryan gave her HPV through unprotected anal sex. That is what eventually killed her.

  4. Their son is one of the unfortunate offspring of this generation in the looks department. Poor wman, only HAD one kid and got a ugly, druggie loser one. And Ryan should be hiding under a HUGE rock right about now, ALL his kids are fuck ups, druggies and losers. Tatum at least HAD talent when she was young, too bad she lost it all with drugs. I don’t know WHAT Farrah ever saw in that toad Ryan, just a druggie asshole worst father of the last 3 decades!!!!

  5. HPV is hepatitis which is not an automatic pre-requiste to cancer. Also, you can’t “give” somebody cancer and you don’t “catch” cancer from anyone.

  6. Well doctor doolittle, phrase it however you like. Without HPV in her rectum, farrah wouldn’t have died.

  7. THANKFULLY she reckognised the cheater in time!!

  8. Why Farah spent all those years with Ryan is beyond my grasp. She didn’t leave him anything because he doesn’t need it. Had she left it to him to take care of their son nothing but trouble would have come of it. The son would be probably dead and Ryan would spend the money on his next girlfriend. I feel sorry for him because he obviously has no faith in anything but himself (what a joke that is!). He obviously doesn’t believe in God because he said Farah is “now part of the ages. She is with her mother and sister and her God.” In other words, HER God wasn’t his. Pitiful. And so very, very heartbreaking.

  9. HPV is human papilloma virus, not hepatitis. And yes, HPV is a precursor to cancer. Even in “Farrah’s Story”, which aired a couple of weeks before her death, there’s a shot of Ryan pumping his fists and saying, “Yessssssss!!!” when he heard her vagina was cancer-free. In other words, even then the scumbag was thinking about satisfying his disgusting needs by “doing his business” on a terminal cancer patient!

  10. She was a very smart lady, the best plan for a kid who can’t be trusted with money, to make sure he’s not out in streets, after she’s gone a great mom.

  11. It’s sad when the truth hits you but now Ryan O’Neal is truly bankrupt emotionally, and I’m sure full of regret…not remorse. There’s a difference. A life of Hollywood youth, looks and excess led to a fat, old has been with three emotionally strung out, struggling children. Even though Farrah retained people to control Redmond’s money – he will still manage to get enough to buy heroin and kill himself accidentally or intentionally.

  12. Hey babies, use your soba noodles. There a reason why after so many years Farrah didn’t leave a red cent to Ryan. And why after so many years she never married him.

  13. It was never about Money it was about love and sharing each other life and having a family together and They made there history and torched each others life on so many levels and that is what each wanted and I see that Ryan is breaken and his heart really hurts at losing the love of his life and never being able to look her in the eyes and tell her he loves her has to really hurt him each and every day and Ryan can take care of himself..He is strong and plans his life well and has something under his Hat for a rainy day in he future.

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