The Greater Goods card and gift shop in Minneapolis doesn’t get a lot of celebrity shoppers so they were delighted to have a famous visitor buying Valentines this week. When a familiar looking beautiful woman appeared at the register to pay, the owner instantly knew she was famous. “Are you Jessica Alba?” he ventured. She graciously replied “No – I get that a lot, but I’m Jessica Biel. It was a character revealing moment and Jessica passed with flying colors. The shopkeeper was embarrassed, but grateful that she was so chatty and nice. She was in town with her husband Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience Tour.” After Jessica left with a man who appeared to be a bodyguard, the store called our comrade in gossip, CJ at the Star Tribune.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


12 thoughts on “EXCUSE ME, MRS TIMBERLAKE!

  1. Poor little Alex, totally unable to concentrate and comment on a thread. Strom is no threat to your PC world and your multiple identities, you can still praise lesbian Jessica or the Kardashians if you like. JC will give you cover.

  2. strom, Janet’s wire terrier smiles more than you. Her dog is even far wittier than you! Uh, wait, you don’t have a shred of wit.

  3. Poor little Gone, hiding behind multiple names, afraid of your own.

    Was Jessica out shopping for herpes med when she bought the card?

  4. Jess has already been caught 3 or 4 times grabbing a gal’s ass. How long will it be before she is completely outed? I don’t think Justin will mind, as he is still horn-dogging around and has not finished sowing his wild oats. It will be an open marriage. (that’s just my prediction).

  5. Standing ovation for Carly’s goldfish. I agree completely.

    And, is it my eyes or is it the ugly shoes, but do Jessica’s feet look huuuuge?

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