Yep, they’re an item and Eva Longoria, 35, couldn’t be happier about it. She and Penelope Cruz’s younger brother, Spanish pop star Eduardo Cruz, 25, were spotted at Christmas looking cozy at her house and now they are getting sneaky. The couple dined at Cafe Was but they arrived and left separately in different cars. Eduardo has been in town for the birth of his sister’s baby and the whole family seems to be celebrating. A nice distraction for the divorcing Eva.


  1. Can’t see it working long term. To much of an age difference. She will soon be too old for him. Once they get older the younger women will start to look pretty good to this man.

    Who knows maybe she is just looking to have fun and enjoy her freedom. He looks like a pretty nice guy to have fun with!!!

  2. Pretty soon, she’s goona have to buy herself a set of tits if she wants to keep this dude and others after they split. Oh, I know it is so crass to say this, but sometimes the fingers have a mind of their own. LOL

  3. She looks great in that photo, not too made up, at peace, perfect clothes and accessories. And I definitely put her new boy toy down as an accessory. I agree with Muffin Top…this is not a relationship we’ll be hearing of six months from now but Eva deserves some fun.

  4. He looks like he’d be a good distraction for anyone. Wonder what Mrs. Patrick Campbell would think.

  5. she was never in former Baja Beach Club, barcelona?
    (club Opium mar now)

  6. I’m guessing her tick-tick is ticking and she may soon start to project panic. Altho I like her and love the show, been watching it since it started, I think maybe this guy is a boy-toy. Good for her. Too bad she wasted time with that Tony and got hurt, but I only hope the best for her and if she wants kids, hope things fall gently into place for her. I haven’t a thing to say against her.

  7. Eduardo better bang her a few times (careful of std) and then run back to Spain becuase she will have the story flak’d all over the press (Like JC). Border Rat Eva follows the J Lo school of publicity and wants as much as possible all the time focused on her.

  8. He reminds me of the actor who played her teenaged boytoy on Desperate Housewives, LOL!

  9. She is ‘desperate’ for a kid, she said so many times. Maybe she’s shopping around for a pappy daddy, a la Madonna’s Carlos Leon. Vadge had many prospects ummm, apply for the job before she settled on Carlos. I guess Carlos was better than others in the old workshop.


    People, tsk, you’re slipping!
    He’s gay as a box of kittens on Easter!!

  11. Yep Penelope’s lil bro is gay…. sorry folks! But then Tony her ex was bi … banging as many men as women…so she’s sorta used to it.

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