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Erik Estrada is walking in Beverly Hills, but he still has that motorcycle cop swagger and attitude he perfected as Ponch on the ChiPs series. Everybody had a crush on him in those days. Does anyone else think he’s starting to look like Michael Douglas?


  1. Janet can you please report A LIST gossip NOT The Surreal Life Rejects or Meth face Amy WhoreHouse!

  2. he does have a michael douglas look to him.
    and again if you dont like janets site go to TMZ or perez, janet does things differently. I appreciate this site for that. I only wish they posted more stories on a daily basis. 🙂

  3. I saw Erik Estrada in a hardware store last year, and he looks amazing in person. That man is what almost 60? In person he looks like he’s in his 40’s. Whatever he’s doing he needs to keep on.
    Michael Douglas has has more PS that half the ladies in H’wood. He’s only a couple of years older than Erik–and could still pass for Erik’s father. MD=crypt keeper.

  4. but yet he does look like douglas…look at the jaw and mouth, maybe it’s just this pix……

  5. Please – not everyone had a crush on this creepy guy!
    Some of us have taste.

  6. No way does he look like Michael Douglas….He is great looking for his age…Hispanic men are the best! He is not creepy…that is just your predjudice honey!

  7. Thanks for running this pic of a still-hot stud. That man really knows how to wear a pear of jeans! This is the sexiest celebrity pic I’ve seen in ages!

  8. He used to be hot.
    He used to be somebody.

  9. You mean, Kirk Douglas.
    The real McCoy.
    Course, Erik got this like crazy look in his eyes…In terms of Kirk Douglas, look at the chin and slant of the head and then the wild eyes.
    The guy would be a real chick magnet if he’d get a shorter hair cut and grow a goat-tee.

  10. He sure does look like Micheal Douglass – like an aging azzhole!

  11. What a hot sexy dude- dark hair sexy eyes and stills looks HOT in leather-

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