Here’s a HOT RUMOR and it makes all the sense in the world. We’re hearing that Emmitt Smith is set to win tonight, regardless of how the voting goes. Producers decided that Emmitt HAS to win because Mario, as you read here, has told them he will NOT be going on the Dancing with the Stars tour! They can’t have a tour without the winner, can they? We hear that Mario already knows he can’t win, and he’s okay with it. Is this another Rockstar Supernova situation, or what? Time will tell!

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39 thoughts on “EMMITT SMITH: A SURE THING?

  1. Given that you were spot on with your item well before the show was broadcast, it must seem clear to most people that Dancing With the Stars is fixed!
    Mario Lopez was clearly the best dancer, while Emmitt Smith was supposedly the most popular hoofer.
    Clearly, a major distinction ABC should take note of.
    I won’t be watching it in future.

  2. This show is fixed. Mario announced he couldn’t tour and that’s what happened. He was the best dancer, hands down.

  3. I feel bad for Mario. He should have won. Smells like it was fixed to me.

  4. Duh,you are wrong again.Emmitt isn’t going on the tour either so there wasn’t going to be a winner from this year anyway other than Cheryl who is dancing with last year’s winner Drew on tour. Get your facts straight Janet, it just makes you look stupid.

  5. I love Emmett attitude and he deserved the win. He improved week after week and by the end had caught up with Mario.
    I think he should have done the waltz so people could see his posture…A man’s man…while Mario dance was gay.

  6. This is stupid. Look at your poll on who is going to win. Did the execs come in here and vote to make YOUR poll look good? I think not…….

  7. Obviously anyone who knows anything about professional dancing know’s Mario was the more talented dancer. Yes, Emmitt’s a nice guy, I agree…however he’s not the better dancer and should not have won this contest. The viewers votes or judges votes were to high of marks. I would protest if I were Mario.

  8. Before this contest started there was a question as to whether Mario had danced “professionally” before. If he did, then he had no business in this contest to begin with.

  9. Mario had prior dance training and, I agree, should not have been in the contest. They should choose contestants who have never had any dance training at all.

  10. Mario had dance training before? Perhaps a few tap dancing lessons as a kid but so did Joey Lawrence. Come on ppl isn’t this is just chickens**t stuff? A few dance lessons as a kid does not indicate that they had absolutely no right to be on the show. What they learned in ballroom far exceeds a few previous taps in their lives.
    Both finalists were great in their own way. Emmitt a burly guy surprisingly light on his feet; Mario took chances & proved his grace & athleticism. They both did great with their individual talents. I wanted Mario to win but as for agreeing that the show is fixed I can’t do that. Its too much a sore loser type of attitude & I don’t want to be that way.
    Whatever. The hubbub will die down soon & all will be forgot unless ABC forces another stupid dance off to rake in higher ratings for themselves.

  11. No one said anything about the show being “fixed”. After all if the public votes determine the winner, then the public would have to be “fixed”.

  12. I’m a big Mario fan and feel he really did deserve to win. He never was a professional dancer Stacey Keibler who also should have won last year took dance classes as a kid too and she was still robbed. Anyway, for Mario’s career’s sake it was probably best that he not win. I believe that he is a talented actor and should be doing more with his career then hosting doggie shows on Animal Planet or DWTS. It’s not like this win would be a great addition to his resume. I think it has brought him a lot of positive attention and that’s all he really needed.

  13. Please explain how to “fix” a show where the public votes determine the winner.

  14. I am outraged that Mario didn’t win for several reasons. First of all it is obvious that he is the best dancer! Also if it is a prerequisite that touring is a “must do” then a star should not be allowed to compete if he or she cannot tour. It is very misleading to those of us who watch the show faithfully week after week.
    I will not watch this show or any other in the future that is not honest!
    I think there should be an investigation on this!

  15. I’m taking my mom to the Tour in Chicago, and neither Emmitt nor Mario are scheduled to be there!!!
    Check your facts!

  16. Emmett is going on part of the tour, Mario is not, that is why Emmett won.

  17. Andrea Rose…. get a life. Don’t you have anything better to do than RANT on a gossip site?

    Cheryl Burke – Season 2
    Drew Lachey – Season 2
    Edyta Sliwinska – Season 3 Harry Hamlin – Season 3
    Joey Lawrence – Season 3
    Joey McIntyre – Season 1 Katrina Smirnoff – Season 3 Kym Johnson – Season 3
    Lisa Rinna – Season 2
    Louis Van Amstel – Season 2 Max Chmerkovskiy – Season 2 Willa Ford – Season 3

  19. Andrea Rose is correct in calling for an investigation. I voted a lot and now feel duped.

  20. ok Karinna get ahold of yourself. The way she and Mario acted was far then gracious….losers

  21. Emmitt was on the radio today saying he will join part of the tour.


  23. ABC has done it again – killed the golden goose !!!
    There should be two winners next year – one for best dancer and one for most popular
    The way it is right now it stinks to high heaven

  24. I agree. They were both tied at 89 points each in the finals. The smart thing should have been to give Emmitt the popularity title, and Mario the technical title with it being as close as it was. EVERYONE would have been happy, then. Mario danced better than Drew, Kelly Monaco, or John O’Hurley (the 1st two seasons’ winners) as far as I’m concerned. He may have had some brief lessons back in the days of “Saved by the Bell”, but no formal ballroom dance training with a partner. Joey even danced better than Emmitt. Emmitt has a sweet smile & came a long way, but was definitely not the better dancer. Karina has a right to be upset, she worked hard at trying to make Mario look good. Plus, she had to tolerate all of those kisses & feel-ups that he gave her throughout the competition. They’ll have their own reality show on VH-1 soon!

  25. I think that like the rest of commercial america this station wants to promote black men/white women, shove this phony crap down our throats and we will resent it even more…look at youy sunday paper fillers..no black women available? dance was fixed…

  26. Mario should have won. He was the best dancer that has been on since the show began. It will help his career for sure.

  27. It was clear to me that the best talent was Mario and Emmit. When there is a tie in performance, other things become inporant like personalities. I thought Mario’s partner was a sore looser and not the professional that Emmit’s was

  28. Everyone knows that Mario should have won! He was CLEARLY a better dancer (although Emmit “improved” the most)! And yes the show CAN be “fixed” and was by NBC!! I thought Joey and Mario should have been in the end and so do a lot of other people. I don’t think I’ll watch this show again.. I can’t believe the show would do that!

  29. Of course Mario should have been the winner. The show is called Dancing with the Stars, not who is the funniest, most popular etc, it’s dancing people, dancing and Mario was the best dancer, that is, if any of you know anything about dancing…..

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