Now that Elizabeth Taylor is gone, her ex-husband Larry Fortensky, now 59, has started talking about their relationship. Liz and construction worker Larry met at the Betty Ford Center and married in 1991 at Neverland. In 1989 Larry moved into Liz’s Bel Air mansion and says it was the biggest house he had ever seen. It so happens Liz had a parrot named Alvin who skillfully imitated her voice. Soon the parrot was yelling “Larry! Larry!” all the time sounding just like Liz, and Larry found himself running all over the huge house on wild goose chases! They divorced in 1996 and it’s obvious that Liz always had feelings for Larry. She left him $825,000 in her will.


  1. From left to right:
    the super star singing icon bridesmaid, Michael Jackson, The bride, Legendary beauty & actress Elizabeth Taylor and the groom, Larry.

  2. I’m still surprised that ole’ Larry wasn’t photoshopped out of the cover. It was all about Elizabeth and Michael. Right?

  3. and how long will it take for him to blow through it?

  4. The part about the parrot sounds like total rubbish.

  5. I would eat her old snapper for $825,000. Well I wouldn’t now but when she was alive I would have.

  6. Zippy,
    Me thinks you would need a fifth of vodka before, during and afterward. Not to mention the complimentary bottle of Listerine. lol

  7. ^^^ WOW. Tough crowd in here, LOL.

    This pic reminds us how “normal” MJ looked as late as the 90’s.

    And Elizabeth looks sensational! She had struggled with her weight and had become the focus of merciless criticism from Joan Rivers and John Belushi (over whom Elizabeth got the last word by outliving him by many, many years!)…

    As for Larry, she obviously considered him a friend, and according to him, they were in frequent contact up until her final hospital stay.

    They made a very striking couple.

  8. Oh, and Larry uses the interview to express his doubts about MJ’s innocence—a surprisingly ungracious thing to do, knowing as he did, how much Elizabeth cared for Michael and believed in him.

    And it’s not that I believe one shouldn’t speak ill of the dead—trust me, I’m counting the hours until Henry Kissinger finally croaks—it’s that Larry’s jibe seems so out of place in an otherwise warm remembrance.

    In a word, TACKY. 🙁

  9. The story about the parrot is hilarious, and believable.

  10. Oh Mona, I had forgotten all about John Belushi’s ruthless depiction of Elizabeth Taylor shoving food into her face.

  11. From all indications, Dame Elizabeth and Michael shared a special friendship that endured for over 20 years. To include last husband Larry in her will shows that Elizabeth was Not just a superstar screen queen, she was a woman who cared about others.


    Thanks for sharing Elizabeth’s and Larry’s wedding photo on the cover of People Magazine!!

  12. MJ obviously never told ET he had a think for blonde, scantily clad, CHILDREN!

  13. MJ actually DID still look almost normal in this picture. Too bad he didn’t stop there. Liz looked great, not so much with Larry.

    The parrot storry is completely believable because my friend has an African Grey (known to be fantastic at talking and copying sounds). I visited her with my Yorkie and within minutes heard barking, barking barking. I was mad my dog wouldn’t shut up at my friends house and yelled at her to come here, where I was in the other room with my friend. My dog came. The barking continued and I thought she had left and was out there barking again in the living room. Going out to get her, angry, I found the parrot barking it’s head off! It only took a few barks for the bird to pick up and know the sound. Seems the more irritating the noise, the easier the bird picks it up. He does doorbell, microwave, phone, and also has conversations with himself in BOTH myfriend’s female voice AND her husbands voice at the same time.
    He also seems to know things and say things about it. Such as when she was going to go somewhere, but hadn’t headed toward the door yet, the bird yelled out “I’ll be in the car”! She couldn’t figure out how he KNEW she was going somewhere!

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