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Magic Johnson’s openly gay son EJ Johnson, 21, is making quite a name for himself. He’s 6’2” and has no interest in sports! Ever since he turned up with his handbag on TMZ, cameras have followed him. He quickly landed a role on E!’s “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and fashion opportunities keep popping up. Hopefully his success won’t interfere with his education – he’s a senior at NYU studying event management and business. A friend of ours is obsessed with him because “he dresses like a woman, but doesn’t try to BE one.” He truly is a one of a kind character – and surprisingly likeable.

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  1. Magic has a larger than life, likeable personality; of course his son does too.

  2. I agree with #1. It must be very hard to be the son of Magic Johnson. I mean parents always feel their children will be more successful then them especially when you have had every advantage handed to you in a silver platter. I think this is another way for the son to get his father’s attention by going the other extreme. Good luck to them.

  3. People should leave the kids alone ..Not that Janet is writing anything bad ..this article I actually like . He DOES seem to want some sort of fame though .

  4. What does dresses like a woman but doesn’t act like one mean? He’s not a flitty gay?

  5. Strom = Juxtapose: So you like black people.
    Your still a Ninny.

  6. If you mean not athletic, you are right, he fell far from the tree. If you mean confident in his own skin, I would say he gets it from both his parents. If you listen to rumors about M back in the day, maybe the apple is closer than you think.

  7. Like Father like son but the son has decided to come out of the closet.

  8. I agree that this kid along with Chastity Bono became the complete opposites of their successful parents. Both EJ and Chastity became obese and gay. I think it was very hard to be the child of famous parents. In this case, Magic Johnson and Cher. I am betting not only that they are gay surprised them but that they are obese. That was a sure fire way of getting their parents attention. Magic is an athletic and staying in shape along with having discipline in his job was very important to be successful. The same with Cher. Even at the age of 67 she still looks good and did throughout her adult prime. She has always been physically fit and taken care of her looks even if she’s had plastic surgery she still looks good and can keep up with the rest of the younger singers who go on tour.

  9. He took cues from Taylor Swift for purse-carrying skills.

  10. He does look like Taylor Swift, only cuter. Same weird vibes.

  11. Are you implying that Magic Johnson did NOT catch HIV from a woman? If so, you are right.

  12. Magic sucks the D from time to time? Or takes it up da butt? Alegedly

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