Eddie Murphy learned the hard way that MEN – especially wealthy, successful men- should be in charge of birth control if they don’t want “accidents” to happen. His friends are clucking that Melanie “Scary Spice ” Brown trapped Eddie by deliberately plotting to get herself pregnant. “She knew that having Eddie’s baby would be her ticket to financial security. They were getting along great until Mel told Eddie she was expecting. Eddie was appalled – HE likes to call the shots. The more he thought about, it the madder he got. Melanie hoped he would eventually accept the situation, but he felt she totally deceived him and is taking advantage of him. She’s not the innocent jilted girlfriend she pretends to be. He wants nothing further to do with her. He has his fingers crossed on the slim hope that the baby won’t turn out to be his.”

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  1. you don’t want a kid? protect yourself. he’s pretty stupid if you ask me.

  2. Huh?? He didn’t know that by having sex with a woman there is a chance he could impregnate her??
    Stop the bellyaching Eddie and stand up like a man.

  3. What a piece of shit. I just lost whatever respect I had for him. Loser.

  4. Both loosers. Poor kid who ever the father is, what a gold digger mother. Eddie, condom Eddie, use ’em.

  5. Eddie, you just got a divorce. First, the rumors about Johnnie Gill, you knock up a spice girl, and now your dating Babyface’s ex-wife, Tracy, another gold digger and the head of a start up movie production company. GREAT Publicity, guys. I wonder what the Weinstein’s and Bob Johnson think about this? This drama is better than Dreamgirls. Get a grip on your wood, dude. Your sleeping around Hollywood w/o a condom and this is Mel B’s second baby out of wedlock. Bring on the DNA!

  6. I agree with 2:19. Eddie should have used condoms. It’s his own stupid fault.

  7. Condoms aren’t always 100% effective guys. Neither is the Pill, accidents happen. Not saying Ms B didn’t deliberately get herself knocked up or they were using contraceptives but even so, many women have gotten pregnant while thinking themselves completely protected on whatever form of contraception they use. It only takes one case of vomiting to completely mess up a cycle of the pill or even antibiotics.

  8. Um, hi- she must be extremely wealthy herself as a former Spice Girl. Might be a genuine accident. He seems kind of paranoid- maybe it was just a goof up on her part. He needs to get over himself.

  9. Sure that Spice money is long gone. Half up her nose and the rest on bad clothes. Meow!

  10. Okay, so Scary ain’t no saint…but that doesn’t mean Eddie is not a “dumb a$$!

  11. Eddie’s a big boy. He should have known better. I bet he will from now on.

  12. What is wrong with some men?
    If you have sex, you can get pregnant. Why, if he was having unprotected sex with Melanie Brown is he surprised she might be pregnant? And, in this case, since she is, why is trying to deny paternity?
    It is all just so irresponsible on his part. He is half of the equation, even if Melanie Brown is equally responsible for this situation.

  13. Isn’t it interesting that stars are all having twins? What is Melanie secretly visited a doctor and took fertility pills? Does Eddie know this?

  14. Ummm, Ms. Brown has her own dough, and a lot of it. I am just saying.

  15. How many children does this idiot already have? And he still hasn’t figured out what causes it? Dumbass.

  16. Why does she need financial security wasn’t she a spice girl? If she was looking for financial security, I’d try someone that has actually made some decent movies in the past ten years!

  17. If a woman has a choice not to have to have a child (through abortion), a man should have a right to renounce his paternity and tell the woman, “it’s your choice to have the child, then you support all on your own.”

  18. A man has a choice about whether or not to plant his “seed”. If he doesn’t want to pay, then the idiot shouldn’t “play”, a-hole!

  19. Scarey Spice made at least $10 million from her Spice Girl days so she’s not hurting for cash. Whoever the “source” was for you Janet is basically in drag.

  20. Eddie only became angry with Spice when he caught her cheating on him. It wasn’t because she got pregnant.

  21. eddie is still a playa!!!!!!!!!! thats crazy but he should have kept it real with melanie.. a welfare queen she ain’t and eddie should have left her ass alone if he wasn’t serious about her. oops on both of them, but eddie will do the right thing. people just need to mind they business!!

  22. Eddie is a pig, he should have kept his mouth shut and took care of his business in private…bring a new girlfriend to the premiere was a mistake at this time.
    If they broke up, announce it and ask for the DNA test at birth because if the baby is his…then he wouldn’t be ridiculed as a fool but if not then he had proof.

  23. Eddie already has another secret child from when he was STILL MARRIED. He pays child support for it,just on the hush…He is an egomaniac and doesn’t want to take responsibility.

  24. obviously he has been with men so long, now that he is back playing for the other team he FORGOT he can still reproduce. with 7 kiddies he should have been snipped and tied a long time ago.

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