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Uh oh. Things are NOT looking rosy for Eddie Murphy. Apparently tenacious lawyer Gloria Allred is getting involved in Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown’s paternity case against Eddie. Mel’s sporting a pushup bra and Gloria is dolled up in a faux Chanel suit. They’re leaving Mr Chow with decidedly triumphant looks on their faces and we bet Eddie is going to PAY dearly for not using a condom.


  1. I don’t understand what the problem is.
    Scary Spice and Miss Eddie Murphy dated for only a short time, shortly after his wife divorced his azz ,Scary Spice CHOSE to get pregnant.
    Is she really trying to pretend she is a victim here?

  2. She isn’t the victim, but her child does need to be supported by Miss Eddie….who prolly thought Scary was a tranny and that he was doin’ her up the back door. Wrong on both counts Miss Thang.
    Poor Eddie.

  3. Looks like Gloria picked up her orange suit, shiny black and gold pumps, and white opaque hosiery at a Talbots outlet sale… about 15 years ago.

  4. Gloria is a helluva gal, loyal friend and a champion for civil rights. She may come on a little strong, but that’s her schtick…love it or leave it. Not many lawyers could take on the likes of Aaron Spelling (remember Hunter Tylo’s MELROSE PLACE discrimination suit when she was fired and replaced by Lisa Rinna?) and WIN! If she were a man, she’d be hailed as a ball-busting, take-no-prisoners legal eagle…but because she’s a St. John’s wearing (NOT Chanel, sorry!) mom & grandma who enjoys the media, I think she gets unfairly criticized.

  5. don’t get in between a camera and gloria, she will knock you down to get to that camera. she is a camera whore.

  6. Any guy that doesn’t use a condom should have their head examined.
    Especially women who wear jail cell tattoos sure hope they used a sterilized needle.

  7. I’m sure Eddie will support this child like he does his others she just wants to make sure he pays up the a$$.

  8. Even if Scary TRIED to get pregnant just to get money out of Eddie, even though that is completely wrong, Eddie-and any guy- who already has 5 or 6 kids and doesn’t want more should just get a vasectomy and it wouldn’t be an issue.

  9. How I wish that child support payments were just that: CHILD support payments, instead of cash for life for the chick who planned to get pregnant with a star’s baby.
    Just imagine if the money for child support actually came in the form of NON-TRANSFERABLE VOUCHERS–in the CHILD’s name only–for baby clothes, baby food, children’s toys, travel, college, and medical insurance paid for in by the father. I know that most men would have no problem whatsoever providing generously, very generously if they were able, for their children. And if they were also ensuring the child had a roof over his/her head, the dad would have a major say in where the child would live. But they understandably don’t want their cash going into the baby mama’s purse. I’ve never been able to figure out how come a woman who gets impregnated suddenly figures SHE is deserving of tons of cash. For what? Somebody: please bring into law this ‘child support goes directly to the baby only’ idea. More kids would be supported by their daddys then, and fewer skanks would try to get pregnant by someone rich and use the kid as a golden egg. On another note, how come women are allowed to reject motherhood by having an abortion, but men can’t reject fatherhood by not providing support?

  10. Trash with tattoo’s and a publicity whore to boot.

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