We were huge fans of the brilliant and forward-thinking Dr Jack Kevorkian, who defended the right of each American to choose the timing of their own death. He assisted the terminally ill to end their own suffering, and was sentenced to eight years in prison for doing so. Did you know he was nominated for a Nobel Prize? He was also an artist, and Gallerie Sparta on Sunset Strip has the last 12 paintings that Dr Kevorkian completed. They’re somewhat reminiscent of Salvador Dali, and will certainly be worth a lot of money one day. After this exhibit the unsold paintings will be donated to the Smithsonian Museum. (Attention Marilyn Manson: The “Thanatron” suicide machine is also on exhibit!)

Photo: Jim Steinfeldt

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  1. some people are better of as dead meat………….

  2. I think Dr, K may have been ahead of his time and his desire to keep terminal patients from suffering should not have been a crime.

  3. What? Strom actually contributed a coherent comment that demonstrated compassion for his fellow man? Perhaps proof medication works.

  4. not bloody likely, as he’s missing that gene ( amongst others .. )

  5. Poor little imposters so worry about and envy Strom that they can’t comment on JC’s threads. Probably busy out Community Organizing for the PC event.

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  7. Casey- what an a**hole. Would you say that to someone’s face? I think not

  8. The colorist that concocted that hair color would do better sweeping floors than mixing chemicals.

  9. Janet, you are ‘ACES’ in my opinion. Your hair is OK and it is decidedly your trademark look. Kudos to you, you hardworking little minx. LOL

  10. Love your hair and your outfit, Janet. You look slim and trim and stylish.

  11. Intern 1, 2 and 3 at ease.
    You have earned your free lunch courtesy of JC.

  12. That lunch would be lovely but there’s no connection here!

  13. What part of tell me what you think, don’t you understand?

  14. Jake dear, news flash, Janet has a sense of humor. She makes fun of fat people, trannys, mullet haircuts and the endless Kartrashian hi jinx not to mention Strom.

    I’m sure she can handle some Halloween Hair.

    XXXOOO Dawn “cushion fart” Davenport.

  15. Janet, spring has sprung, please put away the plaid jacket, and brown cordoroy pants.

  16. Strom, you come when your name is fart…er….called!

  17. Dr. Kevorkian’s paintings are rather Left Hand Path friendly. It’s understandable people who have been through the Wringer of Life would see it through a VERY dark lens…

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