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Apparently Madonna expected to be deafened by loud cheers when she told her concert audience in New Orleans to vote for Obama. Imagine her surprise when she was heartily booed – and some of her audience even walked out! Maybe some were Romney fans, but we bet a lot of the crowd just didn’t want to hear about Madonna’s political choices and resented her telling them how to vote. Most of Madonna’s fans are no longer impressionable kids and as adults they want to hear her sing – not vent her politics. Will she ever wise up?


  1. pst: you do these things when ALZHEIMER get a serious grip on your life……..

  2. No one but deluded old queens like her anyway. She thought she was preaching to the choir.

  3. RE: Kelly Ripa

    I have heard Kelly many many many times say these words “I worship Madonna”. And now hurricane Sandy is headed toward Long Island Hamptons, NYC, directly to her $8 million mansion and her NYC multi-million $ apartment. Keep on worshipping the demon witch Kelly, she will help you in this tragedy.

  4. Great photo of her incredibly melting face with no photoshop. Plus, what kind of an idiot would base their voting practice on what some celeb said?

  5. Oh and love how she keeps those claws covered up. Now if she would quit crotch thrusting. Not attractive, Vadge.

  6. Indy, are you saying that Hurricane Sandy is divine retribution for Kelly Ripa’s adoration of Madonna? That is going just a wee bit far don’t ya think?

  7. As if someone would actually take Madge’s advice about who to vote for!

  8. Denise, no to the question. Just meant that it really irritated the h*ll out of me when she over and over for an hour every few minutes kept proclaiming her adoration. (This was right before Regis retired, and I could tell he also wished she would shut her yap up about Madonna).

  9. Thanks for clarifying. Extreme butt kissing is not attractive. “Reeg” should have just told her to shut up. I personally find nothing to adore her for, except that I do admire her staying (or overstaying) power.

    I’m with those who think that it would be absolutely ridiculous for anyone to vote for someone because a celebrity told them to do so.

  10. This old crone needs to unplug it, pack it up, zip it & go home, back to Hades. What a witch.

  11. People actually pay to see this untalented sea-hag? ba ha ha ha.

  12. Let’s see, strom is/has been Reta, Casonia, and Sheree Lynee. Shut up strom. You are transparent, and even your MPD can’t hide you.
    And, yes, I continue to scroll past your comments.

  13. bATHHOUSE BARRY IS retiring January 2013 to an Oahu Estate funded by the Pritzkers and conceding the Election to President Romney at McCormick Place Chicago, according to Hillbuzz.

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