We were horrified to hear about this new Norman Rockwell biography “American Mirror” because it’s apparent that the author, Deborah Solomon, is determined to rip an American idol to shreds with negative suppositions. Obviously Solomon, an art critic, had nothing but contempt for the illustrator who is among the most beloved of American artists. She analyzed his paintings and decided they implied all sorts of perversions and noted that married-three-times Norman liked the company of men. The critic turned analyst assumed that Rockwell had an abnormal interest in boys because he painted so many of them. Baloney. Rockwell’s neighbors and subjects have stepped forward to condemn her book. This reminds us of the hatchet job done on the brilliant Walt Disney, who wasn’t perfect but he wasn’t bad either, and he certainly contributed enormously to the happiness of children everywhere. Some people will write ANYTHING to sell a book.
(For more Disney info, read THIS Hollywood Reporter article

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  1. Writing a factual story about what to many would be about a boring man will not fill her bank account. He is long dead (36 years) and cannot defend himself. I am surprised that the Rockwell estate has not come out swinging.

  2. A complete bore of an artist, IMHO. If you’ve seen one of his paintings, you’ve seen ’em all!

  3. Art critics are tedious people. I’ve gone to a lot of exhibitions over my life and they will be standing around, drinking and pontificating over the art like they know everything that was going thru the artists mind. If you are near them, they wreck your enjoyment of the art (if you like it in the first place).

  4. The gays and PC’ers are not going to allow any applause to Norman. They reject his work and the time period depicted.

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