What could be SADDER than seeing Donald Trump’s son triumphantly holding the tail he has just chopped off the elephant he killed. (TMZ) He claims he’s doing African villagers a “favor” by supplying them with meat, but that’s absurd. (These guys are wealthy enough to BUY the villagers food, if they actually cared.) Trump’s two sons, Donald Jr and Eric, are obviously too pampered and spoiled and they need to feel like macho men so they shot an elephant, crocodile, a water buck, a leopard etc. Like Michael Vick, they think cruelly stalking and killing animals heightens their testosterone and builds up their egos. This behavior is especially appalling when it involves supposedly civilized people. Hopefully, they broke some sort of law and will be punished. Meanwhile WE will not forget!


  1. What a pieces of shit!!!!!I didn’t had any opinion about those two,now I hate them.

  2. It’s hard to be rich and still have a soul. You have to work at it. I don’t think thse guys work much.

  3. What a bunch of murdering stooges. I don’t want to hear or read what they have to say.

  4. I just can’t believe what I am seeing and reading! This is disgusting! Definitely shines a new light on “The Trump” family.

    PS. Are the villagers not capable of hunting for themselves?

  5. He is as disgusting as his father. Jr said no apologies. He has no shame. PIG

  6. Maybe somebody ought to chase his sorry ass down and go after those elephant ears of his!

  7. Ridiculous and Disgusting! If he wants to help the villagers, help them with education, clean water, medical assistance and provide food purchased from local business people. Elephants do not need to be hunted by selfish, limp, bloated, impotent, rich A-holes. I can’t rage against this enough… yuck!

  8. This report was on Inside Edition today, showing the two spoiled brats with 5 or 6 of the animals they killed (one was a beautiful spotted leopard). Then the Donald came on and said he knew the boys loved big game hunting, but that he did not approve. Big Whoop. Trumpster may not have approved of what they did, but he could have told them this was a very bad thing to do. I wish they would jail the little rich no-goods, but that will never happen with their big name. This will come back to haunt them some day, and the sooner the better.

  9. I’ve had to skip over this picture several times because it really pisses me off.

    I’d love to take that elephant tail and shove it up his pampered little ass but I have too much respect for the elephant.

    D-bag Donald Jr.

  10. I really hate these spoiled, privileged and pampered D bags. To go out and murder these beautiful majestic animals is just too disturbing and beyond disgusting. I hate hunting, and especially big game animals. It breaks my heart to see a beautiful intelligent animal like an elephant killed like this. They have their own family groups and have been known to visit the “graves” of their dead family members and reverently pass their bones from one family member to another as if in mourning for their dead family member. I’ve heard of elephants breaking off their own tusks trying to raise a dying family member.

    At least Donald doesn’t approve-I just wish he could have stopped the rat bastards from doing that!

  11. The Trumps are truly an horrific family…they all share Donald’s pathetic little mouth and his pathetic small regard for anything of beauty. Cutting tails off elephants is truly disgusting… did it make his little dick stand at attention?
    A pathetic little piece of shit!! What a man!!!

  12. Really, villagers eating elephants!?!? That is some dumb white man goes to africa would say. Kill the people, surroundings & take their resources, that is all they know when it comes to africa. maybe someone will hunt their family and do the same thing to their family. I am sure you will forget with an ivana, invanka or whoevere else for.p.r.

  13. Just maybe the Trumps will go the way of one of the old Rockefellers–cooked in a pot by some villagers. Let’s hope!

  14. What ignorant, classless, fucking assholes.
    Really hard to believe they are that rude.
    Good job, Dad. You taught them to be ruthless, heartless and selfish liars. Shame.

  15. they wanna mean something to the society?

  16. So typical that the 1% who control the worlds wealth treat animals with the same contempt they hold for the other 99% of the population they have used and made their corrupt fortunes from.

    Donald Trump is a maggot who has been bailed out repeatedly by the taxpayers and driven countless poor people out of neighborhoods thru his great ‘developments’. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so it is no suprise his sons/daughter are just as arrogant selfish and unattractive as he is.

    When will someone/something put a stop to these wealthy parasitic criminals?

  17. Also, if d-bag Trump really didn’t approve he could/would cut their trust funds off so they couldn’t go jet setting around the world to kill defenseless creatures. I sincerely doubt either one of those two flabby impotent spoiled slob sons have worked a day in their lives.

  18. “they wanna mean something to the society?

    Do u think if u murder Ivana’s baby girl, the world would be a better place, moron? In this case ure worse than them.

  19. I am just disgusted by this photo. I thought “real” safaris were no longer allowed…I guess this pumped-up excuse for a man can’t get a thrill out of a photographic safari. Please forego printing any further Trump information — I don’t want to know anything more about this hideous family.

  20. Why are they still allowed to hunt in Africa? Blame the UN.. and their international biggies and their elite crony crew of rich commies for this terrible tale of disingenuous care of rare and declining animals entrapped and paid for by the world.. for their free time amusement. The Arabs, East Indians and certain rich Europeans do this expensive game hunting and eating of exotic creatures.. all the time.. I hear for a great price and secrecy they star wars, empower beastly, brutal dictators and hunt innocent humans, take over land and it’s wealth as well .. but that is another tragic semi hidden story..

  21. What a sickening picture. And you wonder why animals are becoming extinct.

  22. This was LEGAL hunting and the food goes to local tribes so the militant PetaNazis need to stop their shiiit and hypocrisy…they have become political and about the MONEY.

  23. very sad and disgusting.
    The whole trump family should be shot

  24. Chris what you say may be true.
    But black heart, white hunter rings true even more.

  25. Hunting a water buffalo to kill is like tracking a stray dog down. Water buffalo are kind of hapless strolling around minding their business, foraging through the odd garbage can. Their are useful to to farming and moving things. To shoot one down and pose like you are a big hunter is laughable at best. Idiots.

  26. As to the elephant. I hope hindu karma comes back and smacks him hard. Who eats elephant? Not the guy who justified killing it for food. He should be forced to eat every bit of that creature himself.

  27. Did the Trumps cull these elephants from an area in southern Africa? If so, please note this report from National Geographic: To restrain the growth of Kruger National Park’s elephant population, 14,562 animals were culled from 1967 to 1995, when South Africa banned the practice. “It was extraordinarily traumatic,” says Ian Whyte, the park’s longtime elephant specialist, who witnessed many of the culls. “You had to shut your mind to it, otherwise you’d go mad.” Now elephant specialists are being forced to consider culling again. While poaching continues to threaten elephants in Kenya and elsewhere, in southern Africa conservation measures have been so successful that populations are booming. In the 13 years since South Africa’s culling ban, Kruger National Park’s elephants have increased from 8,000 to more than 13,000. The elephants, each eating about 400 pounds of food a day, are transforming the landscape, tearing through vegetation, pulling down or uprooting trees and stripping them of bark. Hungry elephants, combined with wildfires that consume downed trees and saplings, are converting some parts of the park from wooded savanna to scrub grassland, providing habitat for grazers such as zebras but destroying nesting places for eagles and other birds.

  28. Why would anyone think a Trump is capable of respecting another living thing? Was their father expected to teach them that? He’s a vile little genital wart of a man and now we know his spawn are just as disgusting.I guess poaching’s ok as long as you’re loaded. Karma’s a bitch boys. I hope it comes for your family soon and with a vengence!Good luck with that,you fucking

  29. Trump Hater, “He’s a vile little genital wart of a man…”

    LOL!! I AGREE!!!

  30. Diva and TrumpHater have it so right. That entire clan is a waste of oxygen. How can anyone in this day and age do that? Genital wart indeed.

  31. They have their attitudes because they are both really unattractive

  32. I posted earlier. I again looked at the pic of that obviously self satisfied little shit and wondered if he really killed the animal for the ‘food benefit’
    for the villagers … why did he need to cut the tail…was he making some
    African version of Ox Tail soup?
    His smarmed back hair and mean little mouth , which matches that of
    his equally unattractive sister , says it all. No class, no brains ,only a sense of ‘ Me man, I kill’
    What an ugly , ugly , ugly person from an equally ugly family. I would love to get this disgusting little man in a dark alley and beat the shit out of him. Maybe cut his dick off -and hold it up as trophy-…
    if we have a macro lens!
    What a piece of shit!!!!

  33. The entire family is disgusting and these two spoiled brats are the worst of the bunch. Does killing defenseless animals in a canned hunt make them feel like real men? Donald must be so proud of the jerks that he raised. Ivana too. How terribly sad and shameful this behavior was and then to brag about it is like rubbing salt in a wound! Giving the meat to villagers is just a smoke screen to try and justify what they did. If they were really concerned about starving Africans, why not donate some of that Trump money to the villages directly? These two clowns are disgraceful examples of how money can corrupt someone into thinking they can do anything they want. Those beautiful animals shot in cold blood and for what earthly reason?? Just because the Trump clowns have the $$ and the clout to do it, that’s why.

  34. To Natalie – They didn’t just kill an elephant. They also killed a leopard – a species that is highly endangered throughout the world, and several other animals. Even if this was allowed under the questionable practice of “culling”, it’s still disgraceful. Do you honestly think either of these two creeps gives a rat’s *ss about controlling elephant populations?

  35. @ Chris

    Clearly you are ignorant of the facts. Many african contries allow canned hunts like these to bring in wealthy hunting safari clients or sell special licenses to hunt rare and even endangered animals. That is where the money is at not the ‘hypocrite nazi peta ppl’. So because they had enough money to legally do it that makes it ethically or morally right? Slavery was one legal, as is stoning a woman to death in some contries is that right too? Get a clue or educate yourself before you spew garbage.

    Also, africans don’t traditionally eat elephant and most of the countries are poor and starving because their resources have been drained by primarily european corporations who have been in there bleeding their resources dry for hundreds of years now.

  36. Oh HELL NO! Thor hunting trips ate just WRONG and I am sickened that not only do they enjoy destroying beautiful majestic animals – that they seem to gloat and be proud of their disgusting “sport”… This is wrong on so MANY levels. With all the money in the world THIS OS how they want to spend their money and time?! Despicable. And yes. We will not forget.

  37. @ Chris. I happen to know several people who PETA and they do a LOT of good for animals. I used to.think like you did about them but after getting to know the organization better I know they more for animals than most.

  38. I Think they are doing a great job with helping people who can’t help themselves and just think about it Men have always Hunted from the start of time and some Men just love to kill there meat and eat it fresh.

  39. Of course there is a rush and a feeling that goes along with killing your own meat…Me myself love to kill fresh fish and eat it fresh after death and love to clean it and cook it myself but that does not make me a bad person.

  40. They love to see the life of animal drain out of them in front of there eyes and you can say the same about supper markets…Look at all that meat in a pack…How did it get there!Some one has to do the job…..Know Vegans I Do understand your feelings and thoughs and understand that you don’t eat meat and the same for the vegatarians having the same problems.

  41. But not every one in this world feels the same about certain issues but this men have the right to pick and choose what works best for them and if this is some passion they enjoy and really want to do? Then so be it and…I think the villages appreciate and are greatful to get the meat for there whole family.

  42. These pigs make me sick, I wish they would take a look at all the responses..As a whole we are all very upset by these pics, and to know that non of it was needed because like somebody said before if they wanted to they could have BOUGHT food for them. But NO, Mr. Bigshot over here had to go out like a serial killer stalking prey then killing them. I only with that he would have been trampled on by the “big game” he so likes to kill, now that would really “trump” the hunt…

  43. What I don’t understand about the comment above…”the trumps have enough money to buy the villagers food”.

    OK, so if they do, what are they going to buy the villagers? Mcdonalds? I doubt it, they’d buy something that someone else out there shot.

    Population issues with animals are real when you remove predators. If they need to cull some of the herd, then you have to hope that they do it with a well placed shot so that there is no animal suffering. if you really want to see animal suffering, watch what happens to animals when there are too many for a habitat.

    If DT jr. cut the tail off the elephant after it was dead, I’m pretty sure said elephant didn’t feel it.

    The money of the trumps on the hunt here does far more for the locals than any of the snide comments here. Perhaps you could go to the locals themselves, and ask if they’d like to have customers or protests. See what they say.

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